Extension of Samsun Tram Line to Tekkeköye

Extension of Samsun Tram Line to Tekkeköye Opened the Road to Izdihama: Samsun tram line has been experiencing the last days of readiness. After the extension of the tram line to Tekkeköy district, the citizens cannot ride the tram, especially in the morning and evening. Moreover, return queues are formed on turnstiles due to withdrawal of 4 TL from SAMKART. Those who forget to receive a return trip to 4 TL.
Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, about the crowd experienced in trams, lar We are aware of the troubles experienced due to the increase in tram stops. We are working to provide the best service to our citizens. The number of trams is insufficient for the moment. Necessary studies have been initiated. Due to the new system, there are some shortcomings in return transactions. In the following days, each turntable will be a return device and the citizen will not have to wait in line. The intensity of the business hours is quite normal. Samsun is a growing city and its population is increasing day by day. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality continues to work for better service. Ediy
The problems of public transport in Samsun are not only crowded. Turkey is the most expensive of Samsun transportation, an intern who Vatm busiest hours of use trams, tram route, although increasing the time of the will of the citizens brought about only a few of the problems remain the same.

Günceleme: 12/12/2018 17:58

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