Test Drive in Eurasia Tunnel

Eurasia Tunnel
Eurasia Tunnel

A test drive was carried out in the Eurasia Tunnel: President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan visited the construction site of the Eurasia Tunnel, which is scheduled to open on December 20. Erdogan received information from the authorities by passing through the tunnel with Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım and the Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan with his own office. Speaking after the test drive, President Erdoğan said, “Despite everything, investments will continue.”

President Erdoğan, who carried out the Eurasia Tunnel test drive, which will be opened on December 20, said, “We will realize our nation's expectations for centuries. Since 29 October 2013, 156 million Marmaray has passed from Asia to Europe and from Europe to Asia. These were dreams come true. ”


In his speech following his test drive, President Erdoğan noted the following:
* 14 has taken the historical steps in the transportation sector, we have realized. They're not called. What cannot be done was done. Those who call it a bullshit, he's fooled. We were unsatisfied. We said we're gonna work hard, try. We will realize our nation's long-standing expectations.

* As of today, the number of people passing through Marmaray alone is 156 million. Since 29 October 2013, 156 million people have passed through Marmaray. These were dreams come true.

* We have taken historical steps in the transportation sector. We have passed from Europe to Asia in Europe through Asia through our Eurasia tunnel with our vehicle. These companies will operate here for 20 years from 26 December. Then he will leave it to our state.

* Important steps for us .. You know we will open the first phase of the third airport in 2018. Rough construction is over 40 percent. We don't stay with that. Another step is Kanal Istanbul… It will be tendered soon.


* As a further step, the cost of this project is 1 billion 250 million dollars. It also makes us happy because everything is gaining momentum here. All tunnels connect together. All this shows that Turkey where you come from.

* There is no load left on the July 15 Martyrs Bridge. Thanks to Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. When the Eurasia Tunnel goes into service, the vehicle load of the July 15 Martyrs Bridge will also decrease.

* Avrasya Tunnel will provide annual fuel savings. With the Eurasian Tunnel we will provide fuel savings of 160 million pounds per year. It will save your time to us.

  • We will not have any concern with this project in which every security measure is considered. Another sensitivity is; There will be no traffic congestion in tunnel exits due to lack of traffic.

“Those who try to damage the YENİKAPI SPIRIT…”

* Despite everything, we continue our investment and the 2023 vision of our agreement in modern Turkey in the future we walk with the goal surely dealt the first hand, shoulder to shoulder, in particular 15 the evening of July us that meanness, she atrocities suffered those who need to answer the need that in that whole nation to screen at the beginning of following us I am believing my nation.

* I'm saying one more thing here. I believe that those who try to harm the Yenikapı spirit will also give the best answer to the people who try to harm the Yenikapı spirit as a nation. Now I say that we will be with you on the opening on December 20th.

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