Ada Express collided with freight train 3 injured (Video - Photo Gallery)

Ada Express collided with freight train 3 injured: Ada Express, which made the Pendik - Arifiye expedition, collided with the freight train in Sapanca. 1 mechanic and 2 passengers were injured in the accident
According to information received, the passengers on the Arifiye-Pendik route 11601 voyage Ada Express, Rüstempaşa neighborhood collided with a freight train at the location.
In the accident, Emine Demir (28) and Emine Aydın (59) were injured in the accident. The wounded, 112 Emergency Service teams after the first intervention in the Toyota Emergency Emergency Hospital was removed.
As a result of the fact that the two railcars of the freight train are derailed, the railway is being closed.
Murat Akova, one of the passengers, told reporters that he got on the train from Sapanca.
A few minutes after leaving the station Akova, indicating that a great noise and jarring, two said that they learned that the train collided.
Meanwhile, it was learned that due to the accident, the Island Express flights were stopped temporarily.


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