Ground Investigation Work Started for Antalya Cappadocia High Speed ​​Line

Antalya Cappadocia High Speed ​​Train
Antalya Cappadocia High Speed ​​Train

Ground Survey Works for Antalya Cappadocia High Speed ​​Train Line Started: Ground Survey and feasibility studies have started in the high speed train project connecting Antalya to Konya, Aksaray, Nevşehir and Kayseri.

The works of Antalya - Kayseri line started. Ground Studies for Kayseri Antalya High Speed ​​Line continue. agriculture and tourism center of Turkey's Antalya Antalya center will bring together Aksaray Aksaray, Aksaray in high-speed train will connect the Cappadocia region is continuing ground surveys to Aksaray.

Antalya, Manavgat, Seydisehir, Konya, Aksaray Nevsehir (Cappadocia) between Kayseri in accordance with the speed of 200 km per hour, the rapid railway project is completed each year on average 4,5 million passengers and 10 million tons of cargo will be transported.

Fast Train will bring together the tourism center of Turkey in Cappadocia and Antalya

After Seydişehir on the high-speed train that will connect Antalya to the Cappadocia region, ground surveys have started for the Aksaray region.

According to information obtained from Antalya, Konya and Nevsehir Cappadocia region, Kayseri and Ankara and therefore connect the high-speed rail network project is planned to be completed at 2019.

642 kilometers between Kayseri-Nevşehir, 41 kilometers between Nevşehir and Aksaray, 110 kilometers between Aksaray and Konya, 148 kilometers between Konya-Seydişehir, 91 kilometers between Seydişehir and Manavgat, Manavgat-Alanya 98 kilometers between Manavgat and Antalya will be 57 kilometers.
When this important project is completed, cargo transportation which is very important for the region will be realized.
Studies will be carried out in Nevşehir.

In other words, someone from Nevşehir can go to Kayseri for a market exchange. Speaking about the construction of high-speed train experts, Kayseri - Cappadocia between 10 minutes to fall, as you go to the shopping center in Kayseri goes to the people of Cappadocia. Buddha brings daily visits to Cappadocia.

With the high speed train which is an important step for Cappadocia region, 20 increase in the number of tourists in Cappadocia is expected. With the commissioning of the high-speed train line, significant acceleration in both transportation and trade and tourism will be achieved. While the number of tourists coming to Cappadocia Region in Antalya is estimated to increase threefold by high speed train, the location of the stations in various places of Nevşehir will carry the city's heights to the heights of the High Speed ​​Route 65 km of the Antalya-Konya-Aksaray-Nevşehir-Kayseri railway project. According to the project, the railway will go from Acıgöl district to Nevşehir province border and will go out of Avanos district to provincial border.
The question of whether there will be a station in Nevşehir, where Nevşehir has been waiting for a long time, has partially answered.

With the project, one station will be built in Acıgöl and Avanos in the transition zone of Nevşehir. High-speed train line from the Nevsehir Sulusaray 1'nci viaduct at the end of the line connected to Avanos by tunnels, Kayseri-Nevsehir highway and underpasses will be connected to Kayseri.

This station will also have a high speed train station to find the 200 mileage, as well as the freight transport station.

This great project will bring Cappadocia tourism to the forefront in Nevşehir. As the region, we should start the infrastructure works already, otherwise the regions that have completed their preparations will receive serious attention.


Survey and feasibility studies are expected to be completed within two months.

Countdown Started for High Speed ​​Train…

statement on the subject in Nevsehir AK Party deputy Mustafa Açıkgöz, "When one stone on Time Putting saying," This project started with the instructions of our president shows that Turkey open the rapidly advancing front of the 2023 target. I hope that in 2019, Antalya - Kayseri high speed train line will also show our country that Nevsehir is an important tourism center within the integrity of Cappadocia and will be a pioneer in connecting Cappadocia with Antalya for tourism purposes. ”

We would like to thank our Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım and our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for our Nevsehir Deputy friends, who have brought this Giant project to Nevşehir and our country, which started with the instructions of our President.

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