The CHP carried that claim on the fast train to Parliament

CHP carried that claim on the fast train to the Assembly: Sezgin Tanrıkulu of the CHP brought the removal of the bells in the high speed trains and passenger waiting rooms on the Ankara-Konya expedition to the agenda of the Assembly.
The parliamentary question submitted by Tanrıkulu to the Assembly on the issue is as follows;
Before the announcement in high-speed trains and passenger lounges running the Ankara-Konya voyage, the sound of bazı Ding-dong ardından was heard, and then the announcement was made by some of the passengers. Removed the news that the complaint was reported, TCDD operating the line on the demand to remove the sound and began to use only the human voice is reflected in the press.
In this context;

  1. “Ding-dong,, which was heard before the announcement of the high-speed trains in Ankara-Konya and the passenger waiting rooms, reminded some of the passengers, ında This sound reminds us of the bells in the churches. Is it true that they claim to complain? Kaldır
  2. If the claim is correct, is this complaint made in writing?
  3. According to provinces across Turkey subway, airport, fast train et al. How many of them have been removed from the application on the grounds of similar complaints from the ringtones used prior to announcement?
  4. Is a complaint made to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications? If not, did TCDD inform the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication prior to the use of human voice by removing the sound on demand?
  5. As of October 25 2016 Turkey in general there are few churches according to the provinces?

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