Asphalt work has started for the giant runway of 3.

Asphalt work has started for the giant runway of the 3 Airport: Asphalt pouring has started on the runway number one in the construction of the rapidly rising Istanbul New Airport. IGA Construction CEO Yusuf Akçayoğlu, Airbus A380 and Boeing 747 large-sized aircraft such as the number of landing and take off easily runway 3 thousand 750 meters long and 60 meters wide, he noted.
Turkey, which is one of the most important projects started in an asphalt dump in Istanbul New Airport Runway construction. Founded to perform the airport construction and run the 25 year round, IGA shared the images of the asphalt casting. Yusuf Akçayoğlu, CEO of İGA Construction, said that the 380 bin 747 meter and 3 meter-wide runway area was full of swamps before large-scale aircraft such as Airbus A750 and Boeing 60 could easily land and take off.
On the other hand, by HDI Airport Enterprise, an Istanbul-based Standards bildirildi.açıkl the start of the space rental process for companies wishing to take part in the new airport will be positioned as a Turkey in the aviation industry centers of Istanbul began an important process for businesses that want to take part in the new airport. IGA will prepare the square meter rental values ​​based on the latest Public Private Cooperation fee tariff, which will be published by the State Airports Authority (DHMI).
The tariff will become official with the approval of DHMİ. Accordingly, an invitation has been sent to more than 60 airline companies and airlines to submit their requests. Businesses who want to complete their preparations until the airport opens are required to submit their request forms by 18 November.
Airline companies show great interest
HDI Airport Operator of the Chief Executive Officer Hüseyin Keskin, said they made a completely different passengers and is home to aviation experience in Turkey, said: "As a seamless Here the activities in all areas progress is very important to us. Based on the intense interest that we have seen, I can say that both the airline companies that have already established flights and established facilities in our country want to strengthen their assets and new businesses are waiting for the opportunity to serve passengers in our country. ”
42 km baggage handling system
On the other hand, Istanbul New Airport will have a baggage transport system with a total length of 42 kilometers. There will be an 474 check-in point in the Baggage Handling System, with 567 direct connection. 24 explosive detection system will also be included in the system which will be the biggest baggage carrying system made on its scale. The system will enable the handling of 90 million passengers' baggage per year and ensure the comfortable flow of baggage flow at peak hours of the day. 12 can carry luggage through a thousand independent carriers.
Large-body aircraft
Akçayoğlu said, m The development of this region, the preparation of the platform and the preparation of the first runway on the asphalt were carried out after an incredible dedication. There will be a runway where large-bodied planes can easily get up and down. We are proud to have captured this milestone. ”
How to apply?
The companies who want to apply to take place at the airport are requested to submit their request forms.I'Main Page,' Istanbul New Airport 'under the menu' Istanbul New Airport Airline Request Form 'link can be reached.

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