3. International Rail Systems Engineering Symposium Started (Photo Gallery)

  1. International Rail Systems Engineering Symposium Started: The first rail system engineering department in our country opened the third International Rail Systems Engineering Symposium inaugurated with the opening program.

The opening ceremony of the Symposium was held at the 15 July Martyrs Conference Hall. Dr. Rafik Polat, Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Director General İsa Apaydın, Provincial Police Director Serhat Tezsever, Middle East Industry and Trade Center (OSTİM) Chairman Orhan Aydın, Kardemir A.Ş. General Manager Mesut Uğur Yılmaz and sector representatives, academicians, students and members of the press attended.
At the opening of the symposium, music concert was organized by Fethi Toker Fine Arts and Design Faculty Music Department students.
RECTOR PROF. DR. POLAT: 25 billion dollars planned to invest in rail systems
The inaugural speech of the symposium was made by our Rector. Dr. Refik Polat, 2023 year targets in his speech in the field of rail systems, such as a large investment of 25 billion dollars is planned, he said.
Rector Pror said that the issue of rail systems across the country has been a neglected issue for years. Dr. Polat, 2003 said that investments in this area continues to increase.
Our Rector Dr. Refik Polat continued his speech with the following words: ray Karabük has a great importance in two aspects in the field of rail systems. The first one is the one-rail manufacturer, Kardemir A.Ş., and the second one is that the first and only Rail Systems Engineering Department is within Karabük University. This gives us great honor. We're here taken decisions on rail systems, where negotiations are done, we want to get at the heart of Turkey here. We want to let the best experts in the sector grow up here. Sektör
Rector Dr. Polat asked the representatives of the sector to approach the sector and approach them to be more sensitive. Professor Dr. Polat stated that the relations with the private sector will continue in order to be in a position indicated by the university industry cooperation and wished that the symposium will be shared successfully with the problems of our country and the sector in terms of rail systems and visions of the future.
OSTİM Chairman Aydin: Turkey's rail system will close the gap in the field of construction in Karabük
Speaking in the opening program of the symposium, OSTİM OSB Chairman Orhan Aydın wished the symposium to contribute: lı Why can't we do the light rail system, subway car, trains, wagons, high-speed train our country need with our own people in our own country? In recent years, especially the Ministry of Transport, our state railways, our public institutions are making an effort to follow up with this. This meeting is a very precious meeting, after seeing this crowded and qualified audience, I believe that we will do things in this sector with a better motivation from tomorrow morning. Turkey will close the gap, I thank you for creating this structure in Karabük. "
TCDD GENERAL MANAGER APAYDIN: 2003 was a milestone for railways
The Republic of Turkey State Railways General Manager and Anatolian Railway Transportation Systems Cluster Chairman of the Board İsa Apaydın In his speech, he stated that he was honored to be at the Symposium. Railways have been neglected for more than half a century due to the importance of road transportation in our country. 2003 was a milestone for railways in a time when hopes were exhausted. The railway sector has become a state policy. 2003 has been invested in 50 billion TL since. The lines have been renewed and now we make the renewed lines electrified and signaled. Within this scope, we have renewed 75 annual Ankara - Zonguldak railway passing through our Karabük city. State Railways to this day until the first subject of the formation and development of the railway industry is coming. Significant steps have been taken to manage the railway equipment and equipments that require advanced technology in our country. In addition to the renovation of existing lines, construction of new lines, modernization of vehicles, we also invest in human resources. We strive to achieve qualified manpower with high knowledge and skills. We believe that we do what we do in the training employment and certification programs for qualified workforce, and we expect the same sensitivity from other stakeholders in the sector. Nit
KARDEMİR A.Ş GENERAL MANAGER YILMAZ: Karabük University Sees the Lack of Rail Systems
The last speaker of the opening program is Kardemir A.Ş. The General Manager was Mesut Uğur Yılmaz. At the beginning of his speech, Yılmaz said that Karabük University has a growth strategy that is in line with the needs and targets of our country with its facilities, faculties and departments.
Yilmaz his words continued: "Consider a rail project to life, the past will connect the other hand Europe via Turkey, the Caucasus and the Middle East Kars could be characterized as the century projects such as Marmaray on one side - Tbilisi - Baku railway project has reached the final stage. For many of us, the high speed trains are going on two hundred and fifty kilometers in the Ankara - Eskişehir line. Railways are rebuilt as a state policy after many years, and in such a process the city where iron steel was born is being produced in Karabük in the year of 2007. The top management of the state attaches great importance to this production. The rulers of our country have set the target, rail systems have been a state policy and the industrialist has made and invested in this, but something was missing and it was scientific support. Karabük University has seen the lack of this area and Turkey's first Rail Systems Engineering Department has acquired Karabük. This year, which gave its first graduates this year, this year brings us together in an important symposium for the 3. Üncü
Hijaz Railway Exhibition opened
Following the opening speeches, 3 in the Foyer of the Faculty of Technology. Within the scope of International Rail Systems Engineering Sampling, the opening of Hicaz Railroad Photography Exhibition from 1900 to today has been realized.

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