2016 Year Last Coordinating Meeting was held in Bilecik

Last Coordinating Meeting of 2016 was held in Bilecik: The last Bilecik Provincial Coordination Board Meeting of 2016 was held under the chairmanship of Suleyman Elban, the governor of Bilecik.
Bilecik Governor's Assembly meeting hall in the council held by the Governor of Bilecik Suleyman Elban, district governors, district and provincial managers, mayors and representatives of non-governmental organizations participated. In his opening speech, the Governor of Bilecik, Suleyman Elban, gave an overview of the projects. . The 2016 project is being implemented in our province in 814. Total 1 billion 223 million allowances. The 251 of these projects has been completed as of today and work continues in 259. 29 has not yet begun the 275 at the tender stage. The amount transferred to this year for these projects is about 338 million pounds. However, the amount of spending realized was around 50, which means that there was an expenditure of 172 million. Bun
”The work of our university has reached its final stage“
Murat Işık, the Deputy Secretary General of Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University, said, Üniversitesi The work of our university has reached its final stage. 19 million E, F block classrooms with the amount of 72 ratio was realized as the rest of the landscaping continues. X
”We are working on 2016 project in 9“
Then Murat Olgun Armutlu, Deputy Regional Director of the Directorate of Highways, 14, said,, 211 state road in the province of Bilecik and the 246 provincial road total 457 kilometers. The percentage is 32 divided. In 2016 we are working on a total of 9 projects. The 5 of these are road construction, hsk veneer project, bridge junction, maintenance and repair projects. 183 thousand 31 lira. The spending we have done so far is 71 bin 849 lira Bugün.
”Our first target is to finish the Bilecik line in Istanbul“
When we look at the projects in Bilecik province, Bilecik, Yenişehir, Osmaneli said that the biggest project in Bilecik province is the way of distinction. The 49 kilometer is in Bilecik. Our work continues both within the provincial borders of Bursa and within the borders of Bilecik. We need to finish the Bilecik Istanbul route before the winter. Our first goal in this project is to finish the Istanbul Bilecik line. The total project cost of our project is 15 million and we have spent 127 million 15 thousand pounds to date. Our work continues here. Our second project is Gölpazarı-Yenipazar road. This project will provide a shortening of 500 kilometers. A number of problems arose because we had to do some archaeological studies on the road and we had to do some work. These are solved right now. We continue to work with our Museum Directorate. The cost of this project is 7.2 million 25 thousand liras Bu he said.
Yolu Our offers in 2017 include Inhisar, Sogut, Bozuyuk, Dodurga road, Golpazari ring road and Scalloped road “
Armutlu, who talked about the projects in detail, said: N In the 2015 kilometer in 5, the 2016 kilometer section in the 3.4 crossing in the direction of Pazaryeri-Kurşunlu Ahı Dağı, was the only way to work by improving the 4 kilometer. This project is also completed. Another project is the High Speed ​​Train Bilecik Station connection. Project work is completed. We started our 2015 crossroads interchange projects on Bozüyük-Eskişehir route in 1. Except for 2017, all the others were completed. The problems in the incomplete junction have been solved and our work continues. We have completed the tender for Osmaneli crossing, signed a new contract. We will start our work here intensively. In our offer in XNUMX Inhisar, Sogut, Bozuyuk, Dodurga road, Gölpazarı ring road and Taraklı road imiz he said.
“We have a pond project 16“
State Hydraulic Works 3. Regional Manager of the Regional Director Hayrettin Baysal, "small water works 54 job exploration tender price total 228 million pounds 2 district 12 villages and 5 neighborhood floods will be protected," he said. Talking about the projects, Baysal said, Proj We have a pond project in 16. 8 part of them is in the construction phase, 4 project is in the planning stage and 4 is in the planning stage. Bilecik Gölpazarı Bilecik Gölpazarı We had laid the foundation of the Akçay pond together with Savcı Bey Pond last year. Demirhanlar, Bayırköy, Dereköy, Tarpak, Çaltı and Soğucapınar ponds have laid the foundation this year. Demir
”There is no other issue requiring coordination”
Levent Meriçli, Deputy Director of State Railways 1, said: Devlet We have an 33 project in our city. 8 is finished, 9 continues and 4 is in the tender process. There is no other issue that will require coordination Koordin.
”I want the connection roads in Bozüyük and Bilecik stations to be illuminated“
Duran Yaman, Deputy Regional Director of the High Speed ​​Rail Region Directorate, stated that there is no investment due to the new delivery of roads and he wants to have the connection roads in Bozüyük and Bilecik stations illuminated.
Proj We have an 9 project in Bilecik Province “
X We have an 9 project in Bilecik. In 2016 the allowance 15 million pounds. Transplantation and physical realizations are in 70. Gölpazarı Drinking Water and Sewerage Construction continues at 60 levels. Bayırköy Potable Water Warehouse Construction is at 35 level. Willow Waste Water Treatment Plant is completed. Gölpazarı Waste Water Treatment Plant is in the completion phase. Dodurga Sewerage Project was completed.
”The entire 11 project will be tendered by the end of the year“
Mustafa Emek, Regional Director of Foundations, said: aş We have an 11 project in Bilecik. There is a total of 3 thousand pounds in 66 project. Our 7 project continues, 1 is in the bidding stage and 3 is in the project stage. 11 project will be tender until the end of the year una he said.
”Percent 82 physical realization N
Forest Regional Manager Arif Can stated that there is a total 6 project in Bilecik and 82 has a physical realization, while the Forest and Water Works 2. Deputy Regional Director Hakan Mumcuoğlu stated that there are 2 projects and they are both completed.
2016 XIII Provincial Coordination Meeting of 4 ended after the directors of the institutions explained the projects to be carried out with the slide.


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