They Went by Trains to Fight the Putschists on the Night of July 15

ankara sincan polatli regional train schedule hours route map and stops
ankara sincan polatli regional train schedule hours route map and stops

📩 09/02/2021 23:07

On the night of July 15, they went by trains to resist the coup plotters: Thousands of people gathered in Sincan on the night of the July 15 coup attempt, and came to Ankara center with the suburban train put on the high-speed train line with salawat.

The developments in Sincan on the night of the 15 July coup attempt were reflected in the cameras. Surveillance cameras and the interesting images that appeared in the footage taken by the citizens reminded President Erdogan's words "Crazy Turks" used for the Turkish nation resisting the coup.

Thousands of people gathered in Sincan square on the night of the coup. After the negotiations between TCDD General Directorate and Sincan Municipality, 6 train sets with 6 wagons were placed on the high-speed train line since there is no suburban line in Sincan. After the announcements made in Sincan square, people of Sincan flocked to the train station to go to the Presidential Complex, General Staff and Ankara Police in order to oppose the putschists. Thousands of people took action to reach the center of Ankara with the trains they took. The lights of the trains, which were full to their brims, were turned off so that they were not hit by F-16s and helicopters. Citizens who set out to reach the center of Ankara in the dark, on the one hand brought salawat and chanted "Recep Tayyip Erdogan" slogans. The women on the train prayed for the homeland by reading the Quran that they brought with them.

The citizens who got off from the trains reaching Ankara, competed with each other and ran in front of the Presidential Complex, the General Staff and the Ankara Police.

Security cameras and citizens' mobile phones were touched by the audience. Xinjiang, the night of the coup 12 martyrs, one of the martyrs was one of those who went to the center of Ankara learned by train.
"Ya Allah Bismillah Allahu Akbar" voices echoed at the entrance of the Ankara Police Department, which revived the spirit of Çanakkale and took their flags to the streets to protect their democracy.

Thousands of young and old, male and female citizens were admitted to the Ankara Police Department without fear. 5 tank entering into the Police Department, loving the homeland of the country by the citizens flock to the region began to take over one by one. The traitors in the tanks, driving the tanks back and forth, crush the vehicles trying to save themselves with a last effort, the tanks on the citizens trying to lower their maneuver with the maneuver, they experienced the last fluttering reflected. There were short-term conflicts in which gunshots were raised.

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