Akar, We said to do tram, they made toys


Akar, We said to make a tram, they made toys: CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar, made in Kocaeli during the construction phase of the discussion about the tram found in the explanations. Akar, "We told the authorities to make a tram, did not want the toy," he said
CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar, Kocaeli trolley with the ongoing difficulties in the construction evaluated. Akar, who criticized the authorities for criticism, said that m We were always saying what should be done to Kocaeli. Tramway was one of the projects that should be done in our city. But the authorities failed to do anything like they could not do the tram. We said we did the tram, we didn't say a toy.
We asked for the construction of a tram to solve the traffic problems, we said that a tram should be done. However, the tram that continues to work at the moment will increase the traffic problem due to increasing traffic problems. The project that Yahya Kaptan continues to work on is not a full route for people. Therefore, I do not think it will be used much. In addition, this project has put the shopkeepers in trouble. There are tradesmen from their bread. The project company did not take the necessary security measures and we see that the work continues slowly. They go forward without completing the stages, but they also come with troubles.
Everyone has complaints, the smoke is getting smoke everywhere, the citizens complain about this situation. They started to say they couldn't raise the tram in the specified time. It is obvious that studies will not catch up with the same speed. We have always said that the tram project is very costly and it will not be enough to solve the problems. We still say the same thing. This tram will be the tramway for the citizens. People will ride on the tram to get nostalgia. It will not really work for those who want to use the tramway for fast transportation. The 45 has a travel time of one minute and citizens with emergency work will therefore prefer different transport routes. They introduced a model of tram by bringing electricity from outside in front of Anitpark for a period of presentation. This will be the end of the project. People will use it as nostalgia. İnsanlar

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