We have a metro project under the Topbaş metrobus route.

Mayor Topbaş, We have a metro project under the Metrobus route: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Topbaş stated that there are metro projects under the Metrobus route and this tender will be made.
Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş, regarding the metrobus accident that occurred in Acıbadem, "We will make preparations to make the driver's area a little more controlled." said.
Speaking to journalists at Atatürk Airport regarding the metrobus accident in Istanbul, Topbaş said that the necessary instructions were given to eliminate the grievances of the citizens.
Stating that arrangements should be made in the driver's location in a way that does not allow external factors or such interventions, Topbaş said, “It must become safe. Because so many people's lives are at stake. It serves so many people. We will make preparations to make the driver's station a little more controlled. Both in terms of driver safety and the safety of the people it carries. " he spoke.
"We have a subway project, its tender will be made"
Stating that the municipality drivers are also given the necessary training, Topbaş said, “Psychological trainings are also provided. But we need to make a little more regulation that will take the relations under control. We gave instructions for this. " used the expressions.
Noting that the Metrobus project was carried out according to 300 - 400 thousand passenger accounts, Topbaş said:
“Currently 840 thousand passengers, which means a subway. We already have a subway project under the route, its tender will be held. It is very difficult to transport so many passengers with rubber wheels. We cannot activate more vehicles, this time it is busy due to too many vehicles. The rail system does not seem possible because there are climbing areas. Therefore, it is necessary to solve this journey by subway. We get serious complaints. It is not possible to solve them all at once. Metrobus will continue, but metro operation will continue. "



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