Legal Status, Activity Area and Duties of TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş.

Legal Status, Field of Activity and Duties of TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş.: TCDD is a legal entity, autonomous in its activities and an economic state limited to its capital.
The TCDD is subject to the provisions of the private law without prejudice to the provisions of the Law, the Decree and this Statute.
TCDD is not subject to the Public Financial Management and Control Law No. 10 / 12 / 2003 and 5018 / 8 / 9 dated and 1983 and the provisions of the State Tender Law No. 2886. 2 / 4 / 1987 3346 dated and numbered by the Fund of Public Economic Enterprises and the Law on the Supervision 3 Turkey Grand National Assembly / 12 / 2010 6085 No. dated is subject to SAI audit within the framework of the Law Court.
TCDD's headquarters is in Ankara. TCDD's headquarters can be changed with the YPK Decision.
The capital of TCDD is 49.600.000.000,00-TL. and belongs to the State. The capital of TCDD can be changed by the decision of the Ministry on the proposal of the Ministry.
The Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication is the Ministry where TCDD is involved.
High-speed and fast rail transport for rail transport.
Railway infrastructure management.
Managing railway traffic.
Harbor, pier, berth and national railway infrastructure network as a continuation of the ferry management to make the ferry.
To produce and operate all kinds of pulling and pulling vehicles, materials and equipments required for railway infrastructure management and ferry operations.
Performs or builds railway infrastructure for high-speed and high-speed rail transport.
Improves, renews, expands, maintains or repairs, or operates and manages railway infrastructure.
It acts as a railway infrastructure operator on the part of the national railway infrastructure network, which is transferred to the state-owned railway infrastructure.
It manages the railway traffic on the national railway infrastructure network as a monopoly.
It determines the wages of the services including traffic management on the railway infrastructure which is in its saving, with equal conditions for all train operators and in a non-discriminatory manner, accrues and collects the related railway train operators.
It determines the traffic management fees on the national railway infrastructure network which is not in its saving, which have equal conditions for all railway infrastructure operators and that do not discriminate against them, accrues and collects the related railway infrastructure operator.
Operates, operates or leases the non-railway areas of the railway infrastructure that are under construction.
Establishes or leases communication facilities and networks, improves, renews, extends, maintains, repairs or leases communication facilities.
Establishes or rents the necessary facilities and networks for energy production and trade, improves, renews, expands, maintains and repairs, operates or leases.
Improves, renews, expands, improves, maintains and operates port, pier and berths.
It provides port services such as loading, unloading, transferring, unloading, porterage, mooring, watering, guiding, towing, towing, mooring, mooring, mooring, etc., providing necessary facilities, supplying or renting equipment, improves and renews, expands, develops, maintains, repairs or leases maintenance.
Establishes or rents, improves, renews, expands, improves, maintains, repairs, operates or leases the facilities required for the ferry transportation complementary to the railway infrastructure network.
Provides, makes, rents, operates or leases the ferries necessary for the ferry transportation complementary to the railway infrastructure network.
Handling and storage facilities such as cargo and passenger centers, open areas, warehouse, warehouse, warehouse, porch, silo, transport and storage facilities required for the transport of rail and ferry, port operations and other types of transports complementary to them, infrastructure and vehicle maintenance centers, fuel facilities establishes, rents, operates or leases places for public stores, passenger rooms, hotels, restaurants, casinos, buffets, baths and similar places.
Manufactures, supplies, rents, repairs, maintains or leases vehicles and equipment required for the maintenance, repair, renewal and construction of the infrastructure of the railway, port and ferry operations.
In order to ensure the connection of railroad networks on seas and inland waterways with each other, it shall carry or make complementary transports with ferry transportation when necessary.
Carry out and make non-commercial rail transports and complementary transports limited to their own needs; produces, procures, rents, maintenance, repairs, leases, or leases all materials and equipment, such as locomotives, trains, wagons, containers, trailers and similar vehicles.
Plans, installs, maintains, operates or leases the control systems, safety systems and security systems required for railway infrastructure operations, train and ferry operations.
Takes, sells, trades, rents or leases any kind of movable and immovable property related to its duties and fields of activity, builds and manufactures structures on its own or others' immovable, acquires and sells the same, industrial, intellectual property rights, establishes or removes all real rights, including pledges, mortgages, usufruct and easement rights, and real estate liability, and enters into financial, commercial, economic commitments, license, technical know-how and similar agreements.
TCDD may offer salaries to its subsidiaries and affiliates in terms of its capital shares.
Imports and exports all kinds of vehicles, equipment, materials, spare parts, tools, machinery and equipment related to their fields of activity and activities.
It shall carry out or make insurance transactions, make insurance agency and all kinds of appraisal transactions in contravention of insurance legislation and make internal insurance fund.
Establishes agencies and representative offices in Turkey and abroad regarding their duties and activities.
It makes agreements and participates in international organizations in the fields of activity of foreign countries.
Provides necessary services including consultancy on transportation, logistics, information and telecommunication fields related to its duties and activities.
It provides vocational training, seminar and course services related to its duties and fields of activity, certifies it, establishes and operates training and test centers for this purpose.
It undertakes the construction, operation, maintenance, training, consultancy and similar works of railway and facilities to be built or to be built in Turkey or abroad as a first or second contractor alone or in partnership.
It establishes subsidiaries, establishments, enterprises and affiliates in relation to the activities within the scope of activity, participates in or becomes a shareholder, participates in or becomes a shareholder in the companies that are to be established or to be established in Turkey or abroad.
It prepares and monitors the necessary plans and programs, especially the strategic plan, in order to carry out the activities and duties of the Entity, ensures the implementation strategies and ensures the realization of them, and provides and increases the financial resources for the fulfillment and development of these services.
It shall ensure coordination between the entity, subsidiaries, enterprises and subsidiaries, and establish the conditions for the efficient and profitable performance of the works and take measures to ensure their development in accordance with the provisions of the law, the Decree, the decree, the regulation, the directive and the provisions of this Statute.
It determines the prices and tariffs for the products and services to be produced and sold by the establishment, institutions and enterprises and examines and approves the proposals of the enterprises, the operating budget and the participation decisions taken in the fields of activity, and ensures the compliance of the investments with the general economy and transportation policies.
In Turkey and abroad in relation to its duties and activities; provides engineering and consultancy services, conducts research and development (R & D) studies, provides training services, provides the implementation of skills development programs organized within the scope of employment development works, provides guidance in the administrative and technical fields to small and medium-sized private institutions to be established and to be established, The Decree Law shall carry out other duties assigned to it by the Council of Ministers.
Excluding the traffic management, the activities within the scope of the activity area can be made partly or completely by others if seen as economic and necessary.
Carry out all kinds of leasing and leasing transactions related to domestic or international operations.
TCDD, its activities and duties at home and abroad; directly or through the enterprise, subsidiaries, associates, shareholding and other units.
TCDD directs its institutions, subsidiaries and affiliates within the framework of related laws, regulations, regulations, development plan and annual programs and ensures coordination and cooperation among them.
The objectives and activities of the TCDD can be changed by the decision of YPK.

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