General Director of TCDD Apaydın Başkentray examined his work

General Director of TCDD Apaydın Başkentray Discusses his Work: TCDD General Manager İsa ApaydınIn Ankara, he examined the studies carried out within the scope of the Başkentray Project, which will contribute significantly to the solution of the transportation problem.
Information from the relevant authorities and contractors İsa Apaydın, ASKİ, BAŞKENTGAZ and TELEKOM met with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality officials to solve possible problems during the construction of the project.
Apaydın, who also visited Mamak Mayor Mesut Akgül in his office and met for a while, asked the relevant authorities and the contractor to increase the team and equipment in order to complete the project, which is of great importance for TCDD and Ankara, before its deadline.
Within the scope of the project, the existing suburban line of 36 kilometers between Xinjiang and Kayaş will be completely rebuilt and will be restored to the subway standard.
Within the scope of the inspections of General Director of TCDD Apaydin, he received information from the authorities by following the works of Ankara YHT Railway Station.

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