T-100 Bus Line Reintegration of Citizens

T-100 Bus Line is at the Service of Citizens: Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality has re-activated the T-100 bus line which was put into service in order to reduce the load of the Otogar-SSK tram line, which is used mostly by the citizens in city transportation at the beginning of the year.
The Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to re-launch the bus line T-100 on the same route in support of the Otogar-SSK tram line, which is the most used city transportation. In parallel to the bus station, which is used extensively in city transportation, 19 will start to operate from Monday to September. Buses T-100 will try to reduce the tram load in city transportation.
Suat Ader, the Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, stated that parallel to the increase in the population of the city near the start of the school year, the use of the T-100 line is also increasing, and that citizens can reach their destination more comfortably on the same route with the tram, using the T-100 line. “Our T-100 line will start to serve between Otogar and SSK by using the same route in parallel with the tram. "Especially during peak hours, our citizens will be able to reach their destinations more easily by using the T-100 buses on the Otogar-SSK route."
Ader stated that, unlike the previous period, T-100 buses will enter Bağlar Street upon the demand from the students, and stated that they want to create another option other than the tram for the students to reach the bus terminal.
Buses, Borsa Caddesi, Cumhuriyet Boulevard, M. Kemal Atatürk Street, Istasyon Street, Ismet Inonu-1 Street, Baglar Street, and T-100 buses that will follow SSK route, tram emergency bus stops in places parallel to the tramway in other places use the available bus stops.
19 06.30 20.00 20 100 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX T-XNUMX bus line will be used in the Esbiletler and the other bus lines and trams can be transferred to the bus.

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