Siemens invests in future trains

Siemens invests in future trains: Siemens will spend a lot of time on trains forming the rail system of the future transportation vehicles with the Rhineland Technical Institute in Germany. The futuristic designs created by this partnership are now welcomed by the authorities.
The project to be developed under the name of mış Trains of the Future proje seems to have already created a brainstorm. The project focuses on the stages of the production process and the materials created by combining different components together with the completely renewed designs. In addition to the new generation of public transport trains, individual rail transport is among the processes in the project. In addition, the fact that Plug and Play technology is evaluated within the scope of this partnership in order to facilitate the connection between trains is explained by the managers of the project.
The most important point on the trains of the future is comfortable and fast travel. Compared to cars and other transports, these trains are intended to provide a platform where passengers can easily reach each and every destination and travel at much more affordable prices. One of the questions on the project is; Ile How to make perfect train trips to the present day perfect? ​​“.
The managers at the center of the project seem to be very keen to ensure that the production process and the after-sales parts procurement are provided through 3D printers in the future. This development plays a key role in the principle of cheap travel. The production process and the production of the parts are expected to be reflected in the sales fees directly. Of course, these trains will not only be used for passenger transportation. Freight transport and large commercial transport will also benefit greatly from this innovation.
In order to make the trains that are planned to be developed in autonomous driving feature more attractive and preferable, new generation train stations will be designed. The robot, which is currently in the same logic as new robot cabs and buses, has not yet been given a clear date when it will be tested. When we look at the technological developments, the coming years will seem very lively for us.

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