Knife with a Terror in Bursaray


The young people who jumped over the turnstiles to get on the metro in Bursa for free, stabbed one of the private security guards and assaulted the other one badly.

According to the information received, a group of 4 people who wanted to get on the metro free of charge at Bursaray Mimar Sinan Station in the central Yıldırım district wanted to jump over the turnstiles and enter. Private security guards intervened in the incident. In the debate, 18 people between the ages of 20 and 4 stabbed one of the private security guards in the foot, and the other one was severely beaten. While the wounded private security guards were taken to the hospital by ambulances, the suspects fled.

The event was reflected on the security camera for seconds. It was learned that the treatment of private security agents continued, while the suspects fled and lost track.

On the other hand, Burulaş closed the Mimar Sinan Metro Station for security reasons. It was noted that additional security measures were requested from the police officials because of the incidents here before, and that the station would be opened after this security was provided.

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