Survivors mini concert in Bursa

A mini concert that surprised the passengers in Bursa: The mini concert given by the 3 university student in Bursaray attracted great interest from the passengers. Guitar singers and singers gathered tips at the end of the concert.
Playing guitar and singing in Bursaray, the students gathered tips at the end of the concert.
In the early hours of the morning, the Bursa residents who came to Bursaray from Emek Station and headed towards the city center met with a view that they were not used to seeing before.
Studying at Uludag University Conservatory Department, 3 students started to play with Bursaray. One of the students singed while 2 was playing mutual guitar. The mini-concert that the 3 student gave until the city center came to the attention of the passengers. As they approached the last station, the youngsters gathered with the cups and went to the opposite station at the last station and continued their musical journeys.



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