Tramway Fishing Stop at Samsu

Tram in Samsun will not stop at the Fishing Shelter Stop: In Samsun, the tram will not stop at that stop! Due to the ongoing works on the Samsun rail system line, the fisherman shelter will not be picked up and lowered passengers for a while since Thursday at the tram stop.
The Gar-Fishing Port section of the additional Gar-Tekkeköy Light Rail System line, which is currently in operation by the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs, was opened. Due to ongoing technical studies, passenger landing will not be carried out at Fisherman's Shelter Station temporarily since Thursday at 22.09.2016.
Due to the technical studies carried out at the Balıkçı Barınağı Station, Light Rail Vehicles will continue to serve temporarily between the University-Blue Light Stations.




    1. Blue lights stop at no time .. the rest would be disgrace .. blue light down at the stall again samsunspor duragina until the rain down yurudum..there would be so unlucky. I mean, I said I will not come home. I'll walk back to a house after the municipality houses can go over.