Professor Dr. He evaluated the durability of projects against a moderate, probable earthquake

Professor Dr. Ilıcalı evaluated the durability of the projects against a possible earthquake: AK Party Erzurum Deputy Professor. Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı was the guest of the “Weekend with Hakan Çelik” program broadcast on CNN Türk screen. Ilıcalı answered the questions about the adequacy of the urban transformation of Istanbul and the durability of the newly built bridges against a possible Marmara earthquake.
AK Party deputy of Erzurum and the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Reconstruction Transportation Commission SözcüProfessor. Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı answered the questions of Hakan Çelik on CNN Türk TV. Ilıcalı, urban transformation projects and new bridges, how durable against a possible earthquake in Istanbul by evaluating how much stressed that the public should be comfortable on this issue.
“Foam Earthquake Resistant”
Program server Hakan Çelik "Great Turkey, doing large projects. There are urban transformation projects, new bridges will be opened, Eurasia tunnel will be opened and Marmaray is now in service. How long are they resistant to earthquakes? Istanbul Technical University, METU and Yildiz Technical University were reported. There were strengthening works on bridges and viaducts. We, as civil engineers, make calculations. We design the structure according to the possible magnitude earthquake. We model large projects using today's technology. With the simulation application you can see the behavior of projects against possible disasters. To give an example, Marmaray is designed according to a possible earthquake of magnitude 9. I participated in this program a lot. I don't know how much of the CNN building has been tested, but I can say that Marmaray is one of the safest places in a possible earthquake. These projects are yet in Turkey for the first time, made all over the world have benefited from the project and subject experts. Let our citizens feel comfortable. ”
How Long is the First Bridge Earthquake?
Reminding that the First Bridge was built in the 1970s, Çelik said that these old projects were earthquake-resistant, Ilıcalı said, “Yes, the First Bridge was built in 1973 but underwent periodic maintenance, and from time to time important repairs were made on the main carriers. I would also like to mention that there are smart methods in our bridges. In other words, you can see any wind load on the bridge or deformations occurring there against these passing weights. Let's say such a system, the wind load has increased automatically, with the intelligent system, the bridge is closed to traffic.
Güç Strengthening Works in Hospitals dı
Deputy Ilıcalı stated that hospitals are the most sensitive places in the event of a possible earthquake and said, ız We must keep our hospitals alive in all circumstances. Studies were carried out in our hospitals that needed strengthening. In the new hospitals under construction, projects are examined in detail against possible earthquakes of the size of 7.5, 9. Important laws have been enacted by our government regarding building supervision. Vurgu
Hak Unfair to see urban transformation as rent R
Ilıcalı who made the explanations for those who evaluate Urban Transformation studies as r rent-oriented diye “Such a thing is not possible. Urban transformation is taking place in Esenyurt Municipality. Can we say that the municipality's activities are rent-oriented? No such thing. The most important value for us is human life. Everything we say for people to get up and talk about rent at this point would be a great injustice. These theses will be rotten if we look at how many thousand transformations the municipality has made. There are criticisms about garbage. Before 94 he died under the rubbish. Is there wild storage in the garbage today? We get energy from garbage. The newspapers were distributing masks to combat air pollution. Now our government has brought natural gas and such problems have been prevented. ”
Mı Are Dams Earthquake Resistant? ”
On the question of the program host Hakan Çelik about the robustness of the dams against earthquakes, Ilıcalı said, “Can you tell me one dam built without calculation. It is not possible for dams to carry a risk during an earthquake. Because a lot of calculations in the construction tests are done. If the dams carry such a risk, people die by not being thirsty but under the waters of the dam. May our people be comfortable. All calculations have been made for security. Şt

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