Chairman Dogan, minibus cooperative chairman and management hosted

Mayor Dogan welcomed the chairman and management of the minibus cooperative. Nevzat Dogan,'li Bus, Minibus Cooperative chairman and management was hosted in his office.
Hasan Öztürk and board members Ali Demirci, Seyfettin Köprülü, Sütim Uğurlu, Suat Gürkan and Niyazi Yağız, Mayor of Izmit. He visited Nevzat Doğan. Receiving information about the work of the tram, Mr. Dogan exchanged views on the works.
Information about the work of the tram Izmit Mayor Dr. Nevzat Doğan said, h The tram project has impressed everyone. This was an expected process. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is trying hard to minimize the problems, but from time to time the works of contractors and many organizations in the project make the process difficult. If I interpret the tramway works as a doctor, this project is like doing heart surgery without stopping the heart and breathing in the living body. On the one hand you are breathing, throwing your heart, while you are trying to perform heart surgery. You are operating in a city that is currently underway. There are errors in this system. There are also those affected by the process that you are the most affected by this process. You mean, citizen. But all our efforts are to minimize all problems. Tramway project, citizens and our city is a study made in the interest of the benefit of our city, Tram he said.



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