Now it's Kanal Istanbul time

Now it's Canal Istanbul time: 26. The World Postal Congress was held in Istanbul. Speaking at the summit of mega transport projects in Turkey to discuss Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan, stressed that as the Channel arrived in Istanbul. Arslan said, “We are not satisfied with uniting the continents. Now we say let's bring Kanal Istanbul to life. ”
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, specifying whether the content to consolidate Turkey's Black Sea and Marmara Sea will connect the continents Channel said that the time has come to Istanbul. Arslan stated that the two sides of Istanbul are combined with various projects, “We are not satisfied with joining the continents and we say that we should now build the new 3-storey large Istanbul tunnel so that it contains both the railway and the road. Let's not be content with it and let's put Kanal Istanbul in Istanbul. We know that the vision, goals and path you have to walk are great and important. ”
32 for $ 1 billion
Explaining that the fields of study have become state policy in the framework of the importance given to communication and transportation in the sector, Arslan said that gigantic projects were realized, the communication sector was opened to competition, while in the IT sector, a revenue of $ 2002 billion was mentioned in 14, while an income of $ 32 billion was mentioned. Arslan said that the number of broadband subscribers was almost zero in the same period, 48 million people were mentioned today and they targeted 2023 million subscribers in 60, and fiber length increased from 88 thousand kilometers to 261 thousand kilometers.
We opened the e-government service
Turkey's mobile phone ob until the number of 28 million Arslan minister reminded that out of 74 million units, said: "3G services while trying to be quickly and widely, users number 64 million. Thanks to 4,5G, you have taken steps to increase the internet speed 10 times. You have opened the e-government to reduce bureaucracy and paperwork in the public sector. Today, 26 million of our citizens use e-government. Nearly one thousand 500 services have become visible quickly in this way. The 2023 goals you have set require us to continue on our way to deliver these services. ”
Istanbul Postal Strategy
World Postal Association (UPU) General Manager Bishar Hussein said that a new driving force is needed in the postal system. Emphasizing the importance of postal services for SMEs, which are seen as the nerve center of global development, Hussein said, “UPU prepared a report to address the future of postal systems. It is a strategy planned to be the leader in this sector over the next 4 years. This strategy will bear the name of this beautiful city and will be referred to as the Istanbul Postal Strategy. This new approach, which we call Vision 2020, focuses on the principles of innovation, integration and inclusion. ”

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