Nazmi Ünlüden High Speed ​​Train Description

Nazmi Ünlüden High Speed ​​Train Statement: A statement came from the AK Party provincial head Nazmi Ünlü for the high-speed train incident, which is the debate of the last days.
Ankaraman Association President Veli Bozkır put forward by Karaman-Konya fast train 2018 claim to end, AK Party Provincial chairman Nazmi Ünlü released a statement.
Nazmi Ünlü said that there was no statement dated 2018 and claimed that it was a malicious impact.
Nazmi Ünlü said in his press release; “Recently, Veli Bozkır, President of the Association of Karaman People Assistance and Solidarity (ANKARAMANDER), made a statement about the High Speed ​​Train Project and this statement was also included in the local press. Based on these news in the press, a statement came from the AK Party Karaman Provincial Chairman Nazmi Ünlü. Emphasizing that they are a close follower of not only the High Speed ​​Train Project but all the investments made in Karaman, Nazmi Ünlü said in his statement.
“First of all, I would like to know that as the AK Party, we are closely following all the investments made in Karaman by working in harmony with our prime minister, ministers and deputies as well as our organizations and mayors. Even in these days when our country is going through an important process, we continue our meetings and consultations with the ministries and bureaucrats on investments regularly. Recently, we had a meeting with our deputy Recep Konuk, Regional Directorates of Highways and DSI, and the President of KOP administration. Afterwards, we met with the officials we met again in Karaman and discussed the projects once again. Our Deputy Prime Minister Recep Konuk also met with Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım about the investments of our province first in the Prime Ministry residence and then during the visit of our Prime Minister in Konya. I would like to underline that we are closely following the investments and problems of our city and our deputies Recep Konuk and Recep Şeker in Ankara and there is no failure in Karaman investments.
Of course, we are open to constructive criticism, but while we strive to serve our city and our country by making consultations with all segments of the society, it saddens us that both the labor spent on investments and the interest and follow-up on investments are ignored. Based on a statement, it is stated in the news in the press that the Konya - Karaman High Speed ​​Train Project was started about 4 years ago. The 102 km long Konya - Karaman High Speed ​​Train Project was started on March 4, 12, not 2014 years ago, as stated in the news. Even this contradiction reveals the extent to which those who make the statement follow the investments and their ulterior motives. We do not intend to enter into a polemic with anyone, but we think that such statements should be made with sensitivity and without distortion in a way that will not harm our city and do not incite misinformation to our people.
As it is known, TCDD General Manager recently İsa Apaydınhad come to Konya and Karaman to conduct on-site investigations on the Konya - Karaman High Speed ​​Train project on the orders of our prime minister and ministers. Karaman Mayor Ertuğrul Çalışkan is the General Manager İsa Apaydınaccompanied. TCDD General Manager İsa ApaydınIn order to clarify the news in the press, it is stated that the electrification works in 2017 and the signaling of 2018 are planned to be commissioned in the first quarter of Konya within the scope of Konya - Karaman High Speed ​​Train project. In spite of these statements, we see that the friends who stated that they visited the General Manager of TCDD under the pretext of thanking them for the work done, presented the information they received there to the public. Although our General Manager did not include the statement that the Konya - Karaman High Speed ​​Train project will start at the end of the 2018 year, it is obvious that there is a distortion in the news in the press in order to create a perception. This perception, which is tried to be formed, will not be answered by our citizens. TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydıninstead of talking about who is talking with whom and how the subject is distorted Konya - Karaman High Speed ​​Train Project'll share the public with the public will leave the discretion.
High-Speed ​​Train and other projects may have delays from time to time regarding tender processes. This is due to the right of appeal and the judicial proceedings of the companies that have entered the tender within the framework of the rule of law. Similar situations have been experienced in High Speed ​​Train Project and TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın He also mentioned these issues in his statement. It is not possible to understand what they mean when these friends state that Karaman's indifference is added to the studies that stop due to legal process. We cannot have any influence on the judiciary or legal process in these matters. Moreover, it is obvious that they do not follow our interest in investments and ignore them. If they followed, they would not take such a malevolent approach.
I would like to reiterate that such statements would harm our city rather than benefit it. We are a follower of all investments and are not interested in any investment. Delays may have been due to legal reasons, but they were never followed. These delays are not delays caused by the indifference or budget of our government, deputies and us. May the citizens of Karaman have good cheer. We will continue to follow up the High Speed ​​Train Project in order to make it available to the public in the planned process. We want to serve our Karaman together as a union instead of being separate informal. We want criticisms to be constructive, not destructive. We think that they do not have any problems to reach out to our deputies or us as they can get together at the iftar dinner table. These friends, who were in remembrance but who had their hearts in Karaman, could reach the general manager as well as reach us and our deputies. They preferred to distort the information they received from the General Manager, but the statements made by the general manager seem to contradict their own statements. It seems that the intent is not absolute and the purpose is different. We also recommend that they clearly state what their purpose is. Regardless of their purpose, we will continue to work day and night on behalf of our city and our country. In the meantime, we will continue to tell the truth by preventing misinformation of our people. ”
TCDD General Manager İsa ApaydınThe statement made with reference to the news about Konya - Karaman High Speed ​​Train Project in the press;
Today (02 September 2016) In some websites published in the province of Karaman; It is stated that the Konya-Karaman High Speed ​​Train Project was started about 4 years ago and that the signaling and electrification systems were stopped by the decision of the administrative court during the construction phase and that the line will be put into service in 2018.
The foundation of the 1-Konya-Karaman High Speed ​​Train Project was laid not on 4 years ago, but on the 12 March 2014 by our current Minister of Development Mr. Lütfi Elvan. Infrastructure and superstructure works of the 102 km line have also been completed.
When 2 level crossings between 9-Konya-Kaşınhan are converted into overpass and underpass, it is planned to commence service of passenger trains with 2016 km speed as of December 120.
3-20 of electrification works. 08. After the tender and decision process of the tenderers before the JCC and the Administrative Court, 2014. The contract was signed on 20.06. 2016 In July, 01 was delivered and the business started.
4- The tender for the signaling and telecommunication works within the scope of the project was made on 29.12.2014 date, but the tender and decision processes of the tenderers before the GCC and the Council of State were completed in August 2016. The contractor will be invited to the contract within this month (September).
5- In 2017, electrification and signaling in the first quarter of 2018 are planned to be commissioned.
When the 6-Konya-Karaman High Speed ​​Train Project is completed, the travel time between Karaman-Ankara will be 2 hours and Karaman-Istanbul will be 4 hours.
8-In addition, Karaman province will be connected to Mersin, Adana, Osmaniye and Gaziantep by high-speed train lines with the projects underway.

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