Natural gas training from İZGAZ to the tram team

Natural gas training from İZGAZ to the tram crew: During the excavations carried out within the scope of the tram project, the natural gas pipe was detonated almost every two days. Finally, someone took action without waiting for a greater disaster. İzgaz provides natural gas line training to the technical team working on the tram line.
The construction works of the tram line constructed by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality are continuing and one of the biggest problems is the natural gas lines. Tens of dozens of natural gas pipes were drilled in almost every point where the works continued. Numerous, even the Khazars occurred. Izgaz took precautions to prevent this situation from turning into a bigger disaster. Izgaz conducts training activities to ensure that both natural gas lines and citizens are not negatively affected by tram works. In this context, the construction machinery operators and the technical team working on the tram line are provided with detailed information on natural gas lines.
The information given about the trainings said: “There is a natural gas line of IZGAZ along the entire route where the tramway project, one of the city's prestige projects, will be carried out. While working, the natural gas line can be damaged from time to time. Our aim in organizing these trainings is to prevent both line damages and our citizens from being damaged by this line damage. For this purpose, we trained the technical staff of Gülermak company at the end of March and August. "
The content of the information about the trainings provided is as follows: “Company personnel; General information about natural gas, natural gas adventure from source to house, equipment and elements on the network, where to get information when starting the infrastructure work. " At the same time, it was explained that excavation permission should be obtained before every work done, so that it would be possible to give them a plan by Izgaz before the work started, and that the passages of the pipes in the plan should be shown and marked on site in order to prevent damage. The institution, ISU, AYKOME, its contractors and private individuals who wanted to excavate during the training were informed about the course of action, the points to be considered while working on the gas line, and what to do in case of damage. Trainings will continue as long as the staff changes. It is aimed to continue these trainings not only with the personnel working on the tram line, but also with all the institutions and organizations engaged in excavation work.

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