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The train driver, whose time was over, stopped the train and got off: The train driver, who was moving from Santander, Spain to Madrid, stopped the train on the way because he was over. When the mechanic disappeared, 109 passengers on board waited on the train for over two hours.
A train in the city of Santander in the north of Spain, on September 14 at 19.15:109, departed for the capital Madrid with XNUMX passengers.
The train stopped unexpectedly two hours after departure, at a point near the village of Osorno.
First, passengers were told that the train stopped because of a technical failure. But the 15 minutes later, the train did not move again. Authorities had to tell the restless passengers the truth at this point.
Passengers who stopped the train stopped the train and learned that the vehicle, the train was not a second mechanic had to wait.

The passengers waited more than two hours for the shuttle bus sent by the railroad company to reach Madrid.
Investigation started
Speaking to local newspaper El Diario Montañés, the operator of the train said that an investigation has been launched into the incident. The operator, who apologized to the passengers, announced that the fees paid by 109 people for the ticket will be refunded.
In a statement from the railroad company, the trainer who was leaving the train was charged. In the statement, it was also the responsibility of the first mechanic to request a replacement mechanic.

Previously experienced
An explanation of the incident was made by the railway workers' union SEMAF. The statement said:
“The machinists must have a back up machinist with them. But this requirement was not fulfilled. We have experienced similar events before, as there are no spare drivers on the trains. "

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