Metrobus tragedy followed

After the metrobus disaster, action was taken: Mesut Kösedağı, a member of the CHP Assembly of the IMM, proposed a 'cab for the driver' for the safety of the metrobus drivers and the reduction of accidents.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality CHP member of the Assembly Mesut Kösedağı, today after the accident, metrobus drivers to reduce the safety of accidents and members of the Assembly called the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality chair.
Kösedağı, wishing healing to the wounded in his speech began, as in Europe, the cab of the driver separating the passenger proposed.
Kösedağı defended that the metrobuses were not technically adequate and said, uz We demand a thorough research after the end of the flights. In this way, we will avoid accidents involving discharged brakes and locked steering wheels. ”
Kösedağı demanded Metrobus drivers to undergo a serious psychological and public relations training with special driving training. “Metrobus roads are very narrow and it is not easy for a driver to use those roads continuously. That's why we demand special training for BRT drivers..
Kösedağı argued that a speed limit should be introduced on the Metrobus road and added, dışında Apart from all these, rail system is the only solution that will save Istanbul's traffic. Wheeled vehicles do not have the chance to solve Istanbul traffic. Therefore, we initiate a joint work with the Ministry and IMM and stop the metrobus route and take it to the metro route. ”



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