KOTO President Barış, members of the Tram

KOTO President Baris, members of the tram are victims: KOTO President Semih Baris, the council meeting in September, some members of the tram project, said the victim.
Baris said, erek We are discussing this field with our friends. We will transfer this to the elders of the city in a good way, İyi he said.
Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce (KOTO) September Assembly meeting was held in Burhan Kasım Assembly Hall, which is located in the building of the room. KOTO President Semih Barış and the parliamentary administration participated in the assembly, which was chaired by the President of KOTO Akın Doğan. The monthly activity report was discussed at the September parliamentary meeting and the committee gave information about its activities.
On the other hand, it was learned that the deputy secretary general, Figen Dilaver, submitted a petition to the management to leave his position. The new councilors Mehmet Orhan, Mustafa Cansever, Selçuk Bakırlı, Yasin Çakır and the new Secretary General of the room Mert Alnıpak, his assistants Adem Aykaç and Sezgin Özkarayel introduced themselves by attending the assembly.
KOTO President Semih Barış who came to the podium to present the activity report wished mercy to the martyrs who died first. Baris said, arkadaşlar We left the election process behind, and I wish success to our colleagues who joined the speaker of the parliament and the board of directors. We are proud of contributing to education with KOTO Academy and KOTO Vocational and Technical High School. We have some credit rating agencies. These are dropping our grades. They want to play with us as part of an economic system in the world. Dün
Peace provides information about the growth of Turkey's economy, "the xnumx'inc quarter in current prices was experienced in 2015 1 1 thousand million per 953 561 percent growth rate. In xnumx'inc quarter of 4 2016 thousand per year experienced 1 497 percent growth rate in current prices. Turkey employment and unemployment according to the table 844 years 4.7 percent unemployment rate in June, the unemployment number 2016 10.2 thousand people, while the employment rate 3. 127 ratio. 47 thousand 1 people were also employed. 27. In the 651 ratio, the labor force participation rate was X.
Barış said: edi We are working in harmony with the President of the Assembly. Our work will continue and continue. Some don't, and some don't. We do whatever we need for our room. We're trying to get our room to the top. The members of the tram project are victims. We're discussing this field with our friends. We will transfer this to the elders of the city in a good way. En Afterwards, he came to the podium at Figen Dilaver and delivered a farewell speech.
Speaking at the Assembly meeting, Yaşar Can said, olac We said that the second wave of the coup would be economic. We see them today. We need to emphasize that the main development of our upper committees should increase the production. Let's give you some ideas. Shopping is just a spiral. Our main need is increased production. All schools in Kocaali are KOTO. The only sector where unemployment is declining is the service sector. There is a shortage of service staff in our country. Let's support the needs of Akçakoca Tourism Vocational High School with the decision of the board of directors. This school is a valuable school for the service sector. Bu
Yusuf Erenkaya, who took the floor, said: söyl Those who draw over each other in the lists of the first parliamentary presidents can sit side by side these days. We are going through the periods when KOTO is lost. We have friends in the council laughing. We made this assembly. I have a suggestion to the president and the government. Let's support all the platforms in Kocaeli. They have Kocaelispor. Let's call it a stop for schooling. This is a bottomless pit. Let's visit these schools to establish commissions. Then we cry and gurgle because we don't have any intermediate ”

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