They also pierced the natural gas pipe during the tram operation

During the tram works in Kocaeli, they also pierced the natural gas pipe: During the tram operation near the courthouse, the natural gas pipe was punctured. Natural gas spread around the teams took extensive security measures.
Unscheduled unscheduled work caused a natural gas pipe to be punctured. According to the information obtained, in front of the courthouse in Kocaeli during the infrastructure work in the scope of the tram project construction machinery again perforated the natural gas pipe. Izgaz and firefighters immediately reported the situation while natural gas was spreading to the environment. Quickly to the scene teams immediately intervened in the leak.
The inhabitants experienced great uneasiness. Stating that they are constantly experiencing similar problems in the region, the citizens said: “One day they cut off the natural gas pipe and the other day they cut off the power lines. Precautions should be taken to prevent a greater disaster ”. Previously, similar incidents had occurred in the region.

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