JSPL will supply rail to high-speed railways with new rail facility

JSPL will supply rail to high-speed rail with new rail plant: Indian steelmaker Jindal Steel and Power Ltd (JSPL) has announced that India's first cork has established a hardened rail facility to supply rail to high-speed rail and subway lines. The plant, which was established with the investment of 2 billion INR (30,14 million $), has the monthly 30.000 mt rail production capacity. In addition to being economical in terms of price, the products produced at the plant will reduce shipments to imports by providing fast and prompt shipments in small quantities on demand.
JSPL reported that India's Railroad Ministry has budgeted 86 million INR (1,29 million $) for the next five years for the renewal of railways, and that India is expected to have more than 1 mushroom hardened rail demand in the next five years.
Naveen Jindal, chairman of the company's board, stated that JSPL will play an important role in the development of the country's railway infrastructure as India's first and only mushroom hardened rail producer.

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