The people of Izmir loved the new car ferries

The people of Izmir loved the new car ferries: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality İZDENİZ A.Ş.'s number of vehicles with ferryboats increased by 36 compared to last year. With the renewal of the fleet of İZDENİZ A.Ş., the voyages have increased, the capacity of the vehicle has been increased and the comfort and speed has increased.
İzmirliler, Metropolitan Municipality of companies added to the fleet of İZDENİZ A.Ş. According to the old ferry boat, 30 fuel saving and speed thanks to the speed of the ferry to enjoy the ferry cars, Izmir, who began to use these tools.
According to the latest 8 monthly data, the number of vehicles transported by ferryboats increased by 36 by 486 thousand compared to the previous year. İZDENİZ A.Ş, flew the fleet of new ships from 863 minutes to 40 minutes, and increased the frequency of voyages. In this increase, the comfort of the new ships and the convenience provided to the disabled and the elderly passengers, the modern features such as children's playground, bicycle and motorcycle parking spaces were also effective.
Hasan Tahsin and Ahmet Piriştina, who have won great acclaim since the day they entered service, came to Izmir in Kubilay, which Izmit has added to the fleet. Thus, the number of new generation car ferries of İZDENİZ has reached 3.

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