Insurance companies will request damage from metrobus accident

Insurance companies will request damage from the metrobus accident from the passenger: the passenger who hit the driver with an umbrella and causing damage to the 11 passenger and causing injury to the passenger, will be costly. The insurance company will ask the passenger for the damage and hospital expenses of 1 million pounds
Yesterday, the metrobus accident in Istanbul, the accident will make a very expensive for the passenger who made the accident. The 2 vehicle was pert the passenger causing an accident by attacking the driver with an umbrella and the 2 vehicle and other 11 vehicles suffered significant damage. 4 passengers were also injured. Now, the treatment of passengers in the hospital or will continue to be damaged by the insurance company will be paid by the insurance company. As a result, the insurance company that will pay all the damage to the insurance company who acted as a deliberate behavior of the accident caused by the accident caused by the passenger who will pay the passenger to pay the damage. Insurers say the 11 person's hospital expenses are about 1 million pounds with the damage of the BRT and XNUMX vehicles.
The (pert) Wolkswagen Passat vehicle is damaged by the damage in the accident, and the amount of damage is exceeded by 150. The insurance company of this vehicle will pay the damage to the vehicle owner. Then he will return and demand damage from the vehicle that hit him, that is, from the insurance company BRT. Metrobüsün insurance company is a deliberate movement in the middle of the accident will go to the person. Other insurance companies and passengers' health insurance will follow the same method. Chauffeur insurance is not a crime to the driver and the traffic insurance will not walk on this process through insurance. When the insurance company has dealt with the damage to the passenger, the passenger has to pay them. Otherwise, the house, the car or other assets and salaries can be confiscated. Of course, all these tests will be requested from the rate of the traveler's fault.
In addition, the injured passengers and owners of vehicles, especially the loss of work, including the right to bring compensation for moral dam. In particular, the passengers who suffer from heavy damage due to the accident, if the demands are met, the invoice of the passenger causing the accident can pass 1 million liras. Further, if the criminal case is opened, the passenger may face imprisonment.
The right of recourse of the insurer stems from the principle of subrogation applicable to the loss insurance. Under the successor principle, the insurer shall have the rights of the insured for the compensation paid and may sue directly against third parties (TTK.m.1301; 1361). As a result of this principle, the insurer takes the place of the person who legally insured after paying the insurance cost and becomes his successor. Thus, the insurer opens all the lawsuits filed by the policyholder against the persons who caused the damage and uses the right of claims for the compensation of the loss. However, if the insurer does not meet the entire loss, the claim rights of the insured shall not terminate (TTK.m.1301 / II). In this case, the insurer shall be the successor of the insured to the extent of the indemnity and shall use the right of recourse against the persons responsible for the damage.
Metrobüsün three cars on the way out of the road and a two-storey bus crashed into the second floor about the accident that the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir came an explanation. Topbas stated that the damage caused by the accident will be paid by IMM. However, although Topbaş's statements are valid for road, barrier and other expenses, the costs will be paid by insurance companies because the injured passengers and the damaged vehicles are insured.

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