Innotrans fair opened in Berlin

InnoTrans exhibition opened in Berlin TCDD as an order from the High Speed ​​Rail Germany "Velaro Turkey" on display at the fair
The International Railway Technologies, Systems and Tools Fair (InnoTrans), held in Berlin, Germany, began with the participation of approximately 60 thousand companies from the country.
Turkey is represented by 45 companies at the fair, which TCDD ordered from Siemens High Speed ​​Train "Velaro Turkey" on display. Velaro Turkey, the exhibition will eventually be delivered to TCDD.
A large booth at the fair with the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) on Thursday establishment of 160. will give you a cocktail due to the anniversary. Cocktails will also be attended by senior executives of international railway companies and companies.
The fair will end on September 23.



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