İDO Ready for Feast

IDO Feast Ready: IDO will provide 370 thousand vehicles and 4 million passengers at Eid al-Adha
IDO, Kurban Bayramı, 370 thousand vehicle capacity, 4 million guests will be provided by providing access to the 5.374 expedition is preparing to run with the record.
Providing reliable and comfortable transportation to its guests, IDO, 9 18 will make 5.374 expedition on the Feast of Sacrifice, which runs from September to September 370 September, and with its large fleet of 4 thousand vehicles, XNUMX will enable the million guests to travel safely and comfortably.
İDO, which is away from the heavy traffic during the feast period, will be able to relieve the traffic by filling and filling the 24 hour on the Eskihisar-Topçular car ferry line. Fast ferry services from Yenikapı and Pendik to Yalova, Bursa and Bandırma in Istanbul and Çınarcık - Esenköy, Armutlu TK-Armutlu, and Marmara-Avşa Island will be greatly facilitated by sea bus services.
874 Fast Ferries, 988 Sea Bus and 3.512 car ferry as a domestic and international line will perform a total 5.374 İDO, holiday intensity due to the intensity of the guests will not apply a special tariff to avoid.
İDO has added additional 202 and 40 additional flights for international high speed ferry services.



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