High school rail system and firefighting department

High-school rail and firefighting departments: Kurttepe Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School opened fire-fighting and fire safety and rail-system technology departments.
Kurttepe Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School is preparing to enter the 2016-2017 academic year with its new departments. He opened Firefighting and Fire Safety and Rail Systems Technology departments in order to eliminate the shortage of intermediate staff in high school firefighting and rail systems. This year, student recruitment started for these departments, which is a first in Adana. The school made a statement on the website of the firefighting department, in the profession under the field of "Firefighting and Fire Safety, in line with the needs of the sector, taking measures against fires in accordance with the legislation, responding to fires, conducting first aid search and rescue activities, under the light of scientific and technological developments. It was noted that it was opened to train qualified professionals who have acquired the necessary professional qualifications.
The purpose of opening the Rail Systems Technology section was explained as follows:
“Today, transportation has become the most important problem of people. Especially people living in big cities face this problem more and more every day. Major problems such as rapid urbanization, dense population growth, air pollution and energy shortages have made it necessary to switch to the rail system in transportation. Rail system transportation has high investment costs, but operating costs are lower than road transportation. In addition, accident risks, energy consumption, traffic congestion and personnel employment are less than road transport. However, the rail system carrying capacity is much higher than road transport. All these conditions have accelerated the spread of rail transportation today. With this acceleration, there is a need for trained intermediate staff to work in this sector. As a high school, it has been decided to open this department to train this intermediate staff. "



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