ESHOTta solar energy period begins

ESHOTta solar energy period begins: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of ESHOT establishes solar power plant to produce the energy it will use in workshops and stops. The solar-paneled bus stops will also take you to the city center for a short time.
strengthen the transportation fleet with environmentally friendly and economical bus also prepared to establish Turkey's first electric bus fleet ESHOT Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Directorate-General, is launching a renewable energy revolution. ESHOT, which aims to save both carbon dioxide emissions and renewable energy by taking advantage of solar energy in almost every area it operates in, has gone out to the tender for arak Solar Power Plant Faaliyet. Accordingly, the General Directorate of ESHOT will install solar panels on the 9 bin 250 square area of ​​the workshop buildings at Buca Gediz Heavy Maintenance Facilities. The work to be completed after the completion of the tender process will be completed in 270 days. The plant, which will produce 1 million 230 thousand kwh electric energy annually, will prevent the emission of 670 tons of carbon dioxide annually and prevent air pollution. The system, which is expected to pay itself a year in 5, will be met by one third of the annual electricity need of the ESHOT General Directorate and its service units. The system will be implemented in 2017.
Solar-paneled bus stops
One important project to be implemented by ESHOT is the installation of solar panels to meet the energy needed by smart stops and stall lighting. The General Directorate of ESHOT will obtain energy from the bus stops within the framework of its mission of realizing passenger, economic, continuous and reliable public transportation. The installation of the system will make it easier for the drivers to see the passengers waiting at the station more easily. Thus, the security of passengers waiting at the stop will be increased. Even in cloudy weather, the 3 system is designed to operate without interruption. It can be dismantled and installed to another station at any time. The General Directorate of ESHOT will install the solar panel bus stops in the city center, especially on the narrow sidewalks.
Solar buses will be used in electric buses
Turkey's first electric bus fleet on an ambitious target, such as the General Directorate of intensified ESHOT create, 20 years 2017 Total electric buses in the first place will save the city in February. 3 electric bus in 400 year is aimed to serve in Izmir. The cost of electrical energy to be used for charging these environmentally friendly and economical vehicles will be covered by the solar power plant established in Buca Gediz Heavy Maintenance Facilities of the General Directorate of ESHOT. ESHOT will buy the electricity to be used for the charging of the buses at the bus stop stops with workshops and garages. The energy generated from the solar power plant will also be transferred to the TEDAŞ network.



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