Energy Minister Albayraktan Edirne-Kars high-speed train

Energy Minister Albayrak from the Edirne-Kars high-speed trains gospel: signature of the agreements covering the multi-billion dollar projects between China and Turkey were discarded. Energy Minister Albayrak stated that they will meet with the US-China consortium for the location of the third nuclear power plant, and gave the good news of Edirne-Kars high-speed train, which is an important link of the "Iron Silk Road".
Turkey and China, Beijing is preparing a strategic alliance for the railway project that will connect London. With this giant project of $ 40 billion, a high-speed train line will be built between Edirne and Kars. Europe and the Far East while connecting to each other, an important part of Turkey's geopolitical importance of the route will be increased. These developments will contribute to Turkey's central role in the country.
Berat Albayrak, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, who was in China for the G-20 Summit, said that there are very important projects with China in the transportation sector. Albayrak said, “There is a long-standing process regarding the Edirne-Kars high speed train project. Here, a 30-40 billion dollar project is mentioned. China attaches great importance to this project that will connect Beijing to London. "It is a strategic project and an important part of the modern silk road."
A Cooperation Agreement in the Field of Renewable Energy and Coal was signed between the Ministry of Energy and the Chinese Energy Administration. Noting that three of the memorandums of understanding signed with the Chinese side are about energy, the Minister of Energy stated the following in his statement: “Nuclear, renewable and coal. One side of the third nuclear power plant project is China and the other is Westinghouse of the USA. This is a project that the US-China consortium aspires to. In the upcoming days, together with the consortium, explanations about the site selection and feasibility of the third nuclear power plant will be made. "
For 60 years the world deserve the punishment Turkey
Albayrak stated that the location of the third nuclear power plant is not yet clear, but that instead of acting emotionally, it is acted according to 17-18 criteria, and that a few places stand out on the maps and a strategic decision will be made with high-level consultation. Albayrak criticized the resistance of opponents of different projects lobby and said: "A must have in order to provide Turkey's nuclear energy needs stable. T's a technology that is 60 years, the world halal, haram if Turkey is called, there is a number there. "
Albayrak also informed that they are discussing new collaborations with Russia in Istanbul and that they have approved the expected permits for the first phase of the Turkish Stream Project. “There are discoveries we have made in coal recently. Until now we always have coal reserves in Turkey, but thousand 100 calories, not burned like straw was called. Recently, we found coal reserves of more than 2 thousand calories, ”he said.

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