Discovery 3. The documentary of the success of the airport

Discovery documentaries the success of the 3rd Airport: The success of Istanbul New Airport, which is expected to host 200 million passengers a year when completed, will be filmed in the documentary. Before a team of National Geographic and the Discovery Channel documentary that prepares the feast came to Turkey, the airport found the various studies in the field. The book will be written after the documentary.
When 76,5 million square meters built on a huge area and the completion of the transfer center in Istanbul Turkey will bring into the world the success story of the new airport will be prepared to be told in a documentary. 6 200 for the first phase 3, which will be allocated to the XNUMX million euros per year. National Geographic and the Discovery Channel Airport to see the feast before authorities found the visit to Turkey. Documentarians who told mobile devices and drone was shooting giant airport land with cameras HDI Airports Construction CEO Joseph Akcayoglu is "be prepared through this documentary, the success of Turkey's aviation will be told to the world," he said. Akçayoğlu, said the documentary will be prepared after a book.
Istanbul New Airport (INA) The Air Traffic Control Tower and Technical Building was awarded the 2016 International Architecture Award by the Chicago Athenaeum: Architecture and Design Museum and the Center for Architectural Art Design and Urban Studies, one of the world's leading architectural institutions. The award was received at 23 September 2016 in Athens with the participation of IGA Airports Construction CEO Yusuf Akçayoğlu, Pininfarina and AECOM executives. came together with a group of journalists from Turkey ahead of the award ceremony Akcayoglu, Turkey gave information about the progress of the new airport will bring the aviation sector into a transshipment hub.
Akçayoğlu stated that they have made great efforts to raise the first phase of the airport with a capacity of 90 thousand passengers to 26 February 2018, the date of President Erdoğan's visit. Everyone is acting in accordance with the business plan. It'il be late, but it'il be clean. We see all the airports in the world and we have the chance to use the latest technologies. Dün
250 airline will fly
Akçayoğlu said, “When we open the first stage, 2 thousand aircraft will be able to land and take off per day. There will be flights to more than 350 destinations. The airport will serve 250 airline companies. The number of employees, which is currently 18, will reach 500 in this period next year. When it is put into operation, it will provide direct job opportunities for 30 thousand people ”.
We can go into other areas.
Yusuf Akçayoğlu, who has been working as an executive at TAV Holding for more than 10 years before his duty in İstanbul New Airport, asked the consortium whether the consortium would be opened to different sectors after the airport such as TAV Holding. . But why not, maybe we can spread our experience to different areas ecrüb.
Selected from 370 projects
The control tower of Istanbul New Airport, designed by Ferrari's designer Pininfarina, inspired by the tulip flower, was awarded the 370 International Architecture Award, standing out among 2016 projects. The project Akcayoglu voicing firsts in many ways, "many more prizes to amaze the world with our ongoing airport projects, we hope to bring to Turkey," he said.
Safety at a high level
3.Havalimani high-level security measures taken to determine the Akçayoğlu said: üst We do not have a problem with security. The region we built the airport is under the responsibility of the gendarmerie. But we are also making a special section for special operations cops. Ama



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