The Gospel for the Disabled in Public Transport

In the Gospel Disabled Transportation: public transportation in Turkey, in terms to make them suitable and safe for use by people with disabilities will be supervised and monitored regularly.
The "Regulation on the Amendment of the Accessibility Monitoring and Supervision Regulation" prepared by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force.
The amendments made in the regulation determining the working methods of the commissions that monitor and inspect the making of all public buildings, open spaces and public transportation vehicles "accessible" and "safe" for disabled citizens and the fines to be imposed on those who do not meet the standards, aim to carry out monitoring and inspection activities more effectively.
In this context, the provisions regarding the practice of "giving additional time" to the places and vehicles inspected until 7 July 2015 were abolished due to the expiration of the period.
According to the new regulation, the "Accessibility Certificate" issued for places and vehicles determined to be accessible after the inspection will be given by the governor's office.
5 ministries and confederations will determine the monitoring standards
While monitoring and auditing works are carried out through the forms included in the annexes of the regulation, the amendment will take the written opinion of the Ministries of Science, Industry and Technology, Environment and Urbanism, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Transport, Maritime and Communication, and the relevant confederations for new forms to be created.
A circular will be issued by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies for the forms prepared in line with these views and created according to accessibility standards.
Regulations will be made on the principles of accessibility control of buildings, open spaces and public transport.
"Re-inspection" application was introduced
The places where audited and administrative fines are applied shall be re-inspected.
While the regulation was made to cover the per diems of the commission members of the public representative commission and the commission members of the confederation from the budget of the ministry and the provincial directorate, the number of members of the commission consisting of architects, engineers, city planners, landscape architects, construction technicians and disabled people was increased from 4 to 5.
Public transport to be monitored
With the revision of the regulation, "public transportation vehicles" were included for the first time in the "National Accessibility Monitoring System", in which standards for making all buildings, roads, parks, gardens and sports areas serving the public suitable and safe for the use of disabled citizens were followed.
In this way all of the public transportation in Turkey in general, in terms of accessibility for the disabled will be monitored regularly and will be inspected.
25 is fine for up to a thousand liras
Within the scope of the "Accessibility Monitoring and Inspection Regulation" prepared by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and entered into force in 2013, administrative fines are imposed on natural and private legal entities who own public transportation vehicles and all kinds of public buildings and open areas determined by the audit commissions. .
Within this scope, the Ministry of Family and Social Policies is given an administrative fine for each determination from one thousand TL to 5 thousand liras for the real and private law legal entities that have all kinds of structures, open areas and public transportation vehicles.
Metropolitan municipalities, municipalities and other public institutions and organizations for each determination 5 thousand liras to 25 thousand pounds can be fined.

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