ÇOMÜ Terzioğlu Campus Cable Car Project Introduced to the Business World

📩 24/11/2018 16:51

ÇOMÜ Terzioğlu Campus Ropeway Project Introduced to the Business World: ÇOMÜ Terzioğlu Campus Ropeway Project presentation meeting was held at ÇOMÜ Dardanos Campus with the participation of businessmen from Canakkale.

Meeting; Rector Dr. Yücel Acer, Vice Rectors Dr. Ahmet Erdem, Mirza Tokpunar, Çanakkale Provincial Director Mehmet Özkan, Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MÜSİAD) Çanakkale Branch President Ali Osman Yıldız, Çanakkale Industrialists and Businessmen Association (ÇASİAD) Chairman Erdal Akarsu, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board Member Fikri Kutlu and related academic and administrative staff.

Project Coordinator Dr. In his opening speech, Abdullah Kelkit expressed his gratitude for the introductory meeting of Terzioğlu Campus Ropeway Project and thanked all businessmen for their participation.

ÇOMÜ General in Turkey has become one of the great University

Rector Dr. Yucel Acer, Çanakkale Eighteen Mart University that takes its place among the great universities in Turkey, noting común thinking big and underlined that it is an institution that produces projects addressing future. The Rector stated that the Terzioğlu Campus Cable Car Project was one of these projects. Dr. Yücel Acer continued his speech:

Tanesi Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University is undoubtedly one of the biggest organizations in Çanakkale. If we look at the number of people in Çanakkale's largest organization. While the number of students in all of Çanakkale is 50 bin, only the number of students in ÇOMU has approached to a thousand. 50 has more than a thousand employees and our employees have families. Canakkale is a very large organization in terms of volume.

ÇOMÜ Produces Great Thinker and Future Projects

Turkey has become one of the largest universities in general. Therefore, the projects of such an institution should also address the future. If you are an educational institution, if you are a scientific research institution, you will be condemned to stay back and weaken. ÇOMÜ is an institution that needs to think big and should act together in opening the front of Çanakkale. Me and my friends are trying to manage the university with this understanding.

Terzioğlu Campus Ropeway Project Will Add Value to Canakkale as Touristic

We have many big projects. One of them is the Terzioğlu Campus Teleferic Project which we wanted to introduce to you the businessmen of Canakkale. Our aim is to inform the institutions of the Çanakkale who want to stand up before telling anybody such a project. Even the businessmen of Canada are interested in this business more than other businessmen and I want to make this project businessmen from Canakkale. This project will contribute to the transportation in the Terzioğlu Campus, as well as in fact will be a project to add value to tourism in Çanakkale. In this sense, Çanakkale also needs to recognize this project. Of course we have other projects that will appeal to Çanakkale. For example, the construction of the Botanical Garden and two large museum buildings will contribute to both the university and the historical and cultural values ​​of Çanakkale. It will contribute to development in terms of tourism. Turizm

Rector Pof. Dr. Following the speech of Yücel Acer, 'Teleferik Introductory Film' was watched with interest and the project coordinator Prof.Dr. Dr. Abdullah Kelkit made a presentation. The meeting ended with the presentation of ideas and suggestions to the business world.