Channel İstanbul project financing is my dream

Financing the Kanal Istanbul project is my dream: DenizBank General Manager Hakan Ateş said, “Just as we have supported mega projects such as the 3rd bridge, 3rd airport, Cyprus Peace Water, it is my dream to support this national project (Kanal Istanbul). Because this is a project that includes features that will change history. " said.
Hakan Ateş stated that the most important weapon of the Central Bank is the policy rate and that it should be convincing in order to regulate the market with this. When the interest rate cut is considered, the level of inflation rate is also important.
Ateş said, “I think inflation will decline to 6-6,5 percent next year. Therefore, there is a room for interest rates. However, if you do it above this, credibility will be lost. The state is not in need as it used to be. The state has improved its economy and it is very strong. Budget deficit in trace amounts ... can be achieved economic growth around 4 percent and Turkey can achieve positive separation in this conjuncture if inflation falls. " he spoke.
The state investment climate, keeping alive the public-private partnership-type projects need to be increased to emphasize the Fire, said they want to continue the decline in interest rates on loans.
Ateş said, “If we collect deposits with 12 percent and give mortgage loans with 9 percent, we will sew the ball as a business. I would not have fulfilled my responsibility as a manager. It is important to grow with low inflation rather than interest levels. Growth will be a priority in terms of job creation in the coming years. On the other hand, as the items that create costs on the banking sector relax and inflation decreases, these will be reflected in interest rates. " He spoke in the form.
A reduction in the capital adequacy ratio, such as the situation may not be due to the Basel 3 rules, emphasizing that it should not be touched, the reserve requirements of the regulation and adjustments to the risk weights of the banks to relax and credit volumes can be achieved expansion can be noted.

  • “Sberbank CEO Gref said that relations (with Russia) could improve in 2016” Hakan Ateş is a complete “Turkish friend” and an important statesman of Sberbank Senior Manager (CEO) Herman Gref regarding the normalization of relations with Russia, Sberbank Stating that Turkey is Russia's most important financial institution, Mr. Gref said that relations could improve again in 2016. Frankly, we could not look very hopeful at that time, but suddenly it happened as he said. The improvement of relations made us very happy. In about 9 months, what we call one as DenizBank has not been two. " used the expressions.

Reminding that Sberbank sent them capital twice, Ateş said that there was nothing that would prevent them from growing. Ateş continued his words as follows: “I never want to remember the plane crash. It was like a trauma to me and I was so sorry. When we were one sea and two coasts, that sea turned into an ocean with this incident. In terms of closeness in relationships, that sea is once again a stream, which makes us very happy. Because when we look at our common history, the two countries won whenever they were close, and lost when they moved away due to certain problems. The peoples of these two countries, whose destinies are common, will contribute to all of us working together towards common interests and goals. " against the attempt is 15 July (Fetullahçı terror organization coup attempt) courage shown by the Turkish people, and not just Russia of efforts in disposal of these incidents, stating that the world is an exemplary case for each country Fever, he said he took the investments from Russia to Turkey.
Stating that developing countries do most of their trade with their neighbors, Ateş said, “Therefore, we are not in a position to neglect Russia in this geography. Turkey and Russia are bound together. There are nearly 200 thousand Turkish-Russian families. This is not a negligible event. The flow of funds will continue from now on. " said.

  • “(Channel Istanbul) I support such a project” DenizBank General Manager Ateş said, “Mega projects financed by Turkish banks are opening one by one. Kanal Istanbul project is also on the agenda. As DenizBank, do you conduct feasibility studies on this issue? " He replied: “I am telling for myself. I support such a national project. Of course, the final decision will be made by the credit committee. Just as we supported mega projects such as the 3rd bridge, 3rd airport and Cyprus Peace Water, it is my dream to support this national project. Because this is a project that includes features that will change history. When it is implemented, it has a historical effect similar to Fatih Sultan Mehmet's landing the ships to the Golden Horn. Financing can be provided after the project is technically feasible. " Ateş noted that if asset funds are established, banks will not be excluded in the financing of mega projects, on the contrary, synergy will emerge.

Fire in the private sector in recent years, and that the construction services to express the power of manufacturing that expresses, the banks to finance the power and the state as a third foot in the case of these projects can be put into action quickly, he said.

  • "If the state wants eggs, they must keep the chicken alive" Hakan Ateş noted that nearly 80 billion dollars have been invested in tourism, and that they expect a little more support from the state in terms of protecting this and saving its future. Emphasizing that DenizBank ranks first in tourism loans and among private banks in agricultural loans, Ateş continued as follows: “There is not the slightest problem in terms of problem loans in agricultural loans. Fruit and vegetable exporters have a bit of trouble, but this will improve with the rapprochement with Russia. Turkey is a country of 80 million. It consumes as it produces. Therefore, we do not see an upward trend in problem loans in agriculture. This year has been a major brake in tourism. If you suddenly brake a vehicle traveling at a speed of 120 kilometers, there will be those jumping out of the window. Here, we use our airbags so that there are no leaks from the glass. As DenizBank, we immediately opened our airbags and made our configurations. This crisis will be overcome more easily if necessary measures are taken. " Tourism is a very important sector for Turkey, providing $ 30 billion per year more than 1,2 million people in employment creation and foreign exchange income that states Fever, "it should not forget that chicken eggs can not get if you lose. If the state wants an egg, it must definitely keep the chicken alive. " used the expression.

Emphasizing that companies will have working capital deficits, Ateş said, “Just as we are structuring investment loans, the state should support a little more in working capital financing. Tourism investments Ahmet Mehmet, not the property of Turkey. In terms of precaution, for example, the fee for going abroad should be increased to 100 dollars. Let the tourist stay domestically as much as possible. The money collected should be used in the promotion of the country's tourism. " he spoke.

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