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Kanal Istanbul Abundance: It is unclear where Kanal Istanbul, which is defined as a second Bosphorus, will pass through to Istanbul and when the project will start. The Channel Istanbul project is expected to be built on a 10 mile-wide route, with a depth of 25 meters and an 150 meter along a line of about 25 kilometers. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is not given a secret by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality regarding the project called ediy To Do ediy. It was claimed that the canal would pass through the Kinali-Karacaköy route and investors started to buy land from the Bag, Çeltik, Büyükçavuşlu, Danamandıra, Karamandere and Ormanlı villages. However, the rumors about the route of the project changed over time. Starting from the Büyükçekmece Lake, the crazy project will go through the Bahşayiş stream, and return to the northeast and the Boyalık Village will reach the Black Sea, and the investors have turned to this route. The new route that has been launched in the last year is the Küçükçekmece Lake and the Yeniköy region, which is the coast of the Black Sea. Even the gossip of the canal project has doubled in the last 2 year in the Canary neighborhood, Altınşehir, Şahintepe, Sazlıdere, Çilingir neighborhood, Dursunköy route.
Emphasizing that the Küçükçekmece-Yeniköy route is a distance of 28 kilometers, the investment experts say that the cost of this place is the lowest line and that the Sazlıdere valley has the property for the project. Channel Istanbul project on this route in the event of a lot of places to hit the slums in the slums are coming.
'Prices are worth thousand percent'
Tahsin Ergül, owner of the Group Real Estate Company, located in the Şahintepe neighborhood, gave the following information: şu We are experiencing difficulties in terms of being a region without permission. This can be a major demolition in the shanty district and in a possible earthquake. If the channel project comes to life, we think that the land prices will increase by one thousand percent. However, the market is not moving leaf. We have entered a period of great recession. 2 residential house prices vary between 200-250 thousand pounds. If the canal route passes through our neighborhood, probably many homes and land can be expropriated. On the other hand, the face of the region changes. The square meter prices in the neighborhood vary between 600-700 lira. Mah
'3-4 years ago 20 liraydı'
Dursunköy Muhtarı Güngör Özer: şu 3-4 years ago, 20 lira has a square meter price and 500 liraya can find buyers. If the channel project is approved, it may be possible to move our village. Such a situation is disappointing for the 130 digit village. We live by agriculture and animal husbandry. Most of the land has been sold. He has doubled the prices of the land without making crazy projects. Ilgın
'Arabs took place too'
Çilingir neighborhood of Arnuvutköy is waiting for the 'crazy project'. Coşkun Emlak's Murat Çoşkun gave the following information:
. The square meter price of zero lands in the valley that we define as risky zone is 250 lira. In the hills overlooking the canal, the price per square meter exceeds 400. In the remaining areas of the inner areas is the average 300 pounds. Many investors who have heard about the al crazy project yatırımcı bought empty land. The Arabs also took part. Already there is no title deed around here. Those who want to invest are obliged to get the title deed. We hear some businessmen are investing. The 250 digit does not sell your house in our neighborhood. Everybody falls in the hands of the canal project by blowing up the prices. Herkes
The Kanarya neighborhood of Küçükçekmece is among the places that will make the most contributions from the Kanal Istanbul project. Yıldız Süsler, who is a real estate agent in the Canary neighborhood on the shore of Küçükçekmece Lake, stated that the land and house prices have been increasing every year. Square meters of land prices 2 thousand pounds 200 thousand pounds are in the case. The citizen does not want to sell his house in hopes of channeling. If the channel is made in the region of land and real estate prices will be doubled whakim thought. The average rental of 350 plus 3 apartments is 6 pounds. Crazy Project rumors have increased the prices of old houses most of the time. Ç
'We want to live in humanity'
Iğdırlı Hüseyin Atsız, who appeared while weeping his sheep in the Tahtakale quarter, was also one of the founders of Kanal Istanbul. Expressing that the house will be evaluated if the project is implemented, Atsiz said, ata I am selling my sacrifice and selling my bread. We built the 2 story house. We have a deed problem here. If the canal passes below our houses, the value of these places increases. We also want to live in beautiful houses, garden sites, and live humanly. Our state will do the right thing. If the project is good,. He said.
'Earthquakes turn into wreckage'
Naif Ergün, Cengiz Ulusan and Güner Aydemir, who are the residents of Şahintepe, are among the people who support the project and think that they will change the face of the slums. Ergin said that 25 has been living in the neighborhood for years and said that they had some reservations. Many of the houses are about to be demolished. If the earthquake happens, many homes return to the wreck. Legislative construction is avoided, the urban regeneration is a fair application for this region is essential. Kaç
'Percentage has increased by 200'
Ferhat Buran from Arnavutköy Ati Group Real Estate:, The fact that the North Marmara highway passes through the region and the third airport will be built, has already increased land demands in Arnavutköy. If the channel Istanbul project is connected to the Black Sea from Yeniköy after Sazlidere and Dursunkoy, it is probable that Arnavutkoy and its surroundings will be restored. The vast majority of Arnavutköy's land is located in the third degree earthquake zone. 506 is the fourth largest district of Istanbul with a square footprint. Arnavutköy has both new airport and canal excitement. 3 has an increase of ten percent in real estate prices compared to the year before. N

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