The Metros in Ankara

Metros are watched in Ankara: Metros, one of the most important vehicles of the capital's urban public transportation, are being checked for seconds. The lines that are transferred to the screens in the control center and the Data Monitoring System (SCADA) are monitored continuously by monitoring the 7 / 24 hours continuously.
With the 34 station in the subway network serving in the northwest and southwest axes of the capital, the 46 bin 611 meter line is monitored by the 1065 camera at 24 watch and controlled by the SCADA Center which is the brain of the system.
The SCADA Center, equipped with the latest technology at the EGO General Directorate, Macunköy Metro Operation Center, enables the metro system to operate safely and without interruption.
EGO General Manager Balamir Gündoğdu stated that the modern, modern, fast and safe public transportation system is the most preferred form of transportation, Batıkent-Kızılay (M1), Kızılay-Çayyolu (M2) and Batıkent-OSB (M3) in Başkent. He said that over 200 thousand Başkent residents travel safely by subways serving between.
Gündoğdu stated that the metros of hundreds of thousands of people use the metros safely and without interruption, and that the system was continuously monitored by means of the SCADA Center, where public transport services were immediately identified and interfered with, which would endanger the safety of passengers and property.
General Manager Gündoğdu, M1, M2 and M3 metro lines, SCADA center in the 24 hours are kept under constant observation, the station and the images of the cameras in the route, the SCADA Center giant screen is transferred to each point is monitored, he said.
The General Manager Gündoğdu underlined that the personnel, who provides the control and supervision of the Metro enterprises consist of experts in their field, said, uğ The system is fully controlled by using the most advanced technology for the capitalists to travel safely. Business Center staff, who carry out the transactions in SCADA, are formed by experienced, experienced people. SC
Gündoğdu stated that Ankara Metro system security is provided by closed circuit television system (CCTV) and that there is a total of 34 cameras at 1065 station to monitor all station platforms, escalators and charge collection areas.
Stating that all the images recorded with the cameras in the system are stored digitally and stored for a certain period of time, Gündoğdu said that the subways, energy and security points are also monitored from SCADA. Gündoğdu said, “When necessary, the station and maintenance personnel are informed, and it is ensured that any interruptions or incidents occur immediately.
Noting that the information announcements made at the stations are also under the control of the Operation Center SCADA, Gündoğdu said that the control of the messages passing through the light passenger information boards on the platforms or the entry of private messages were also made from the Center. Gündoğdu continued as follows:
Or With the SCADA system, information from all the equipment in the stations is evaluated and recorded by the Business Center personnel. Thus, timely and effective intervention opportunities are provided. This applies not only to the equipment in the stations but also to all trains, line equipment and other stationary installations. Bu

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