Akçaray Tram vehicle will be exhibited at InnoTrans

Akçaray Tram car will be exhibited at InnoTrans: The railroads of the Akçaray Tramway Project will bring comfort and convenience to the transportation network of the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality.
The ready-made Akçaray Tramway vehicle will be exhibited in September in InnoTrans, one of the world's largest railway fairs in Berlin.

The Tramway Project of the Metropolitan Municipality in Kocaeli continues at many points simultaneously. In the project where infrastructure and superstructure works are carried out, the production of 12 tramway vehicles is carried out. The first finishing of the vehicles, which were constructed and assembled in Bursa, was completed.
Tested in AUSTRIA
32 meter length and 300 passenger trolley vehicles. In Austria IFE door systems, single and double door mechanisms were tested. Ahmet Çelebi, Director of Rail Systems Branch of Transportation Department and Cemil Gürgen, Director of Machinery Supply Branch, met with Metropolitan Municipality.
After the construction of the completed tramway vehicle, the seats were assembled, electrical systems were put into operation, various equipments were installed and the finishing touches were completed.
The Akçaray tramway vehicle will be exhibited at the InnoTrans, one of the world's largest railway fairs in Berlin, Germany. The first week of September the vehicle is planned to be on display in Berlin by road from Bursa.


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