Ahmet Sorgun explained the latest situation in Konya investments

Ahmet Sorgun talked about the recent situation in Konya investments: AK Party Deputy Chairman Ahmet Sorgun gave information about Konya investments at a press conference.
AK Party Deputy Chairman Ahmet Sorgun, Turkey as well as all the rides at the press conference said that the investments in Konya. He gave information about the last point reached in Konya investments.
Here are the items that stand out from Sorgun's explanations:
“The development of Konya and the increase in its population brought with it the necessity to build new ring roads. For this reason, the work of the external ring road continues at full speed. The 122 km Konya Konya Ring Road will surround Konya in the form of a full circle, connecting the roads of the surrounding provinces with the city roads.
Construction of the Ring Road was included in the 2016 Investment Program. In the first place, 71 km Karaman-Eregli-Aksaray-Ankara-Afyon route will be made.
22 km cut has been tendered and 14 km cut has been completed as a split plated road. We are aiming to finish the part of the tender that was completed in 2017.
The feasibility study of two lines related to Konya Metro took place in the 2016 investment program. Joint Survey Project Tender of two lines, namely Campus - YHT Station - Meram Line and Necmettin Erbakan University- YHT Station-Meram Line.
The preliminary routes of the 20,7 km-long Necmettin Erbakan University-YHT Railway-Meram Line have been completed, approved and final project phase has been started. The preparation of feasibility reports continues to be used. EIA exemption certificates were received. In 2019, we aim to finish this line.
The work of drawing the front routes of the 23,9 km long Campus-YHT Station-Meram Line continues. It is planned to be included in the investment program in 2017 and to start the construction tender.
As Ak Parti, we are realizing projects that will prepare our country and provinces for the future in both general and local projects. One of them is the project that will provide drinking water for Konya through the Blue Tunnel. This year, the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs made a tender for a million-dollar auction. The remaining 70 for the completion of the project work continues. In 17, I hope to bring together the water of the Taurus Mountains with Konya
The year 2016 has been arid in the agricultural city of Konya as well as in the whole country. For this reason, our farmers became victims. In order to eliminate the grievance of our farmers, we have consulted with our relevant ministries. As a result, the debts of our farmers to the state were postponed, as well as the credit debts of Halkbank and Ziraat Bank.
We started our work for building a new High Speed ​​Train Station in Konya. The tender for the building of the station building is underway. 75 will be built in 29 thousand 500 square meters total area of ​​thousand square meters and the total cost of YHT Station will be 69 million TL. We aim to complete the project in 2018 and put it into service
Konya in Turkey with both its geographical location and found even industry is one of Europe's most important centers. In this respect, we continue to work on the Logistics Center project that we plan to implement. Expropriation works have been completed in this area. Superstructure projects have been prepared and our work on the tender process continues.
The work of the Konya-Karaman High Speed ​​Railway Line is to continue rapidly. The railways of the line have been furnished, infrastructure and superstructure has been completed. Electrification and signaling work is to continue. Works on level crossings and stations on this line continue.
Surveys and tenders for the KAYSERİ-AKSARAY-KONYA- SEYDİŞEHİR- ANTALYA FAST RAILWAY LINE have been carried out and studies are ongoing,
Konya-Seydişehir-Akseki Road in total with a length of 133 kilometers in the province of Konya province of the 119 kilometer part is over to work on this road Alacabel and Tınaztepe tunnels will continue to work. When the project is completed, there will be a shortening of 8 kilometers on the road.
Konya Beyşehir is a longstanding project. We plan to complete the 93 kilometer of the 46 kilometer with a total of 47 kilometers and the end of the 2017 kilometer to the end of XNUMX.
Our work on the project, which will be the shortest way to go to the Mediterranean from our region, continues. The tender of 109 kilometers of the road, which is 60 kilometers in total, has been tendered and works have been completed on 17 kilometers. Hopefully, we are aiming to finish this way in 2019. ”

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