Adanada Bayramda Municipal Buses and Metro Free

Adnan Bayramda Municipality Buses and Metro Free: Adana Metropolitan Municipality took all the necessary measures in order to ensure the peace and security of the Sacrifice Festival. During the 4 day festival, the Adanans will benefit from free public buses and metro. On the first day of the Arife and Feast, municipal buses will make free trips to the cemeteries. Citizens, requests and complaints to the Alo 153 line, the police and fire crews, 9 will be on duty during the day of the holiday.
The feast of metropolitan
Adana Metropolitan Municipality will continue to provide free public transport services on municipal buses and motos during 4 daily Sacrifice Day. On the feast of the Eid al-Adha, which is on every religious holiday, the city buses will make free ring service to the graveyards from the day of the citizens' visit to the cemetery. During the Feast of Sacrifice, ALO 153 operators will convey the wishes, requests and complaints of the judges to the relevant units.
ASKI General Directorate sewage and drinking water teams, will meet the urgent needs of the people during the holiday. The Municipal Police Department will also provide the necessary controls on the stops and lines with the Transportation Traffic teams in order to ensure the layout in the urban transportation and to make the visit of the citizens easily. The Adanites will be able to convey the negativity they face during the festival to the 0322 454 38 of the Municipal Police Department (81).
Free ring services to cemeteries
On the day of Arife and the first day of the feast, there will be free bus services to Buruk, Kabasakal, Asri, Kucukoba and Akkapi graveyards. From the old province to the cemeteries, the ring voyages will start at 07: 30 and continue until 17: 30 in the evening. Metropolitan teams, during the eve and holidays, to make the visits to the cemetery more easily, the cemeteries asphalt work carried out, maintenance and cleaning work was completed.
The Department of Fire Department will continue its work on the basis of 7 / 24 during the Feast of Sacrifice. Firefighters who warned the citizens going to the picnic places during the holidays, the ones who will leave their homes, electrical switch, water and natural gas valves have been recommended to close.

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