Minister gave the gospel, Ankara-Istanbul by train 1.5 hours

The minister gave the gospel, Ankara-Istanbul train 1.5 hour: Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan said that the backbone of the high-speed train lines was created but the Eskişehir-Istanbul line could not lift the load when the other lines were completed in a few years. We'll start. 10 hour will be possible to go to Istanbul, X he said.
Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan was the guest of Hürriyet before the holiday and answered the curious questions. Stating that the problems in Mahmutbey due to the 3rd Bridge will be overcome in time and people can use different exit routes, Arslan said, “As people see traffic movements and see congested places, they will use exit alternatives. "It will be balancing within itself." Arslan stated that the traffic will be greatly relieved with the Eurasia Tunnel to be opened in December. Expressing that recent changes in positions in the telecommunications sector are normal, Arslan stated that they also support the creation of a common infrastructure in the sector for fiber. Arslan said what he had in mind from the old holidays, “We used to go door to door for mixtures of cookies and sugar. "Not everything was consumed so quickly then, and it was precious to us," he said. With Arslan sohbetThe main headings of our company were as follows:
Var We have a timetable for speed rail that will run at 350 kilometers between Ankara and Istanbul. Sivas-Kars, Antalya-Afyon-Eskisehir, Konya-Karaman, Adana-Mersin is over, Eskisehir-Istanbul line can not remove this load. But not now. When we approach the point of saturation, we are talking about a period of about 10 per year, then we will start working. 1.5 will be able to go to Istanbul every hour. X
Pr Osmangazi Bridge is being debated. Considering only the bridge section, there seems to be an inverse relationship between the guarantees given to the operator and the bridge. However, the 384 is a bridge that sells a kilometer. Think commercially 8 is investing a billion dollars, the most partial part of the bridge. That's why the highway is connected by a bridge. People compare it to the ferry, the drive through the bay. 50 says I'm burning pounds of fuel and 90 is hesitant. However, while cruising the gulf, stop, stop, traffic risk is definitely worth 40 lire. As you use the bridge, this idea sits. Already 15 bin vehicle was our starting prediction, currently 20 has passed a thousand. Our people saw the comfort of the bridge at the feast. İnsanlar
Un The construction of the north Marmara Motorway from Odayeri to Kınalı continues. When it is finished that road will not return to Mahmutbey, directly from Odayeri Kınalı'ya and will connect to TEM. As the construction of the section continues, they are forced to return to Mahmutbey. As it is known, there is a land problem in Istanbul. So we were able to give the European Side two lanes, a jam from the two lanes. Dolayısıyla
Elbette Since the connection paths will end at the end of 2017, we are not saying what you are up to 2017. People will use alternatives as they see traffic movements. There are many outlets. For example, vehicles that will enter the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge from Edirne direction can use Mahmutbey toll booths and use the last junction Hasdal junction before the bridge. Such will create its own balance. This road has an Anatolian side. There is also a jam at the exit of Sancaktepe. The reason for the expropriation, a citizen went to the judiciary. The money he'd get didn't change, but the 4 was a monthly delay. We work there. There is a slight jam in Kurtköy exit. But the exit from Çamlık and Riva is being relieved. If we did not open Yavuz Sultan Selim now and wait for connection roads, the FSM Bridge could not handle the traffic. In addition, due to bridge restrictions, heavy traffic in the city caused a separate traffic. Ayrıca
“After the YSS Bridge, other bridges were a relief. However, some of those who use public transportation started to go by vehicle this time. Another important development for Istanbul traffic is the Eurasia Tunnel. It opens on December 20. We expect 120-130 thousand vehicles from this tunnel. When it buys 130 thousand vehicles, there will be a serious relief in the bridges and the connection roads. Someone exiting the historical peninsula, crosses the Golden Horn, creates density in Beşiktaş, Taksim and Kasımpaşa and enters the first bridge. Or Okmeydanı - It creates a second density in Kağıthane and enters the second bridge. However, it will now go directly into the tunnel. "
Lar Let me tell you from the beginning, the single plate-double plate or the entrance to the city center of the mercenary, the decisions of the metropolitan municipalities. But some days only, some days in the case of double plates to come to traffic, both in the trade will be a hitch, as well as the money to take a second vehicle, I think the traffic will enter every day. Our people need to get used to the traffic zones (entrance to the city center). There is no such decision recently. Yakın
MINISTER Arslan recalled that the cyber attacks, 15 increased by 2.5 after July, said:, All of these attacks were blocked. As with hackers attacking your personal enjoyment, serious competition also turns. 15 After the FETÖ in July, as well as the followers of the smoke is attacking the smoke. We're just working with a friend who had gained experience in Turkey but worldwide. There is no weak link on the cyber attack. In rest, trust in society has gradually developed. 17-25 is not certain who listened to before, maybe everyone listened to everyone. But he's walking healthier now. Telecommunications is a developing sector. People add to the experience, but after a while, institutional blindness can also occur. From time to time such changes occur. Vodafone and Türk Telekom's shifts in duty to this period and 15 was in the post-July period.
Everyone denounces everyone
MINISTER ARSLAN, the ministry in the 830 staff and 66 subcontractor element cut off by specifying “Bank Asian currency movements, bylock program, membership to some unions and associations, schools, social media profiles are paid attention to. In Bank Asia, the move after the organization's call to 'deposit' is particularly important. Everyone's denouncing everyone. The important thing is your correct review. There are those who really camouflage themselves. He knows very well. So 'wrong operation' is called, but you see these movements. People are very high. However, the task we are taking now has a responsibility, we should not forget it, Ancak he said.
Backbone of high-speed train
The main backbone of the FAST train, ranging from Kapıkule to Kars Arslan incan Corum-Samsun line, Erzincan through Trabzon, Ankara-Afyon-Izmir, Afyon-Antalya, Konya-Karaman-Mersin, Adana-Gaziantep projects have. We are thinking about 2023. We also have a project to download Erzincan-Trabzon to Elazığ, Diyarbakır and Mardin. The Bursa-Bilecik line is also underway. We would like to connect Ankara-Istanbul to Bursa and Gemlik Port via Osmaneli, and from Bandırma to İzmir. In the medium term, we want to connect Kayseri-Kırşehir to Karaman and from there to Antalya. Orta
Support to common infrastructure in fiber
As the ministry, Arslan said that they support the common infrastructure in the fiber to the end-15-16 billion dollars at the moment, if each company invests separately, the required cost. Common infrastructure figure will fall to one third. Turk Telekom, a little more advantageous because it does not approach. In the long run, I think they will approach and find it useful. There is a competitive environment, we say our opinion but we do not compel anyone, "he said.
university kazanI learned what I am while herding sheep.
MINISTER Ahmet Arslan shared with us the most unforgettable memories of his childhood holidays. Arslan explained: “Dried fruits and sugar are mixed in our country during the holidays in our childhood. You used to go door to door to buy this dried fruit. Today, children have no value because they have access to everything very easily. But at that time, we didn't say that at all because we found dried nuts from holiday to holiday. It was very valuable to us. At our place, you start to embark on life at the age of 5. Starlings eat mulberries on mulberry trees. Your 5-year-old task is to steal tins to protect the mulberries. You start waiting for 7-8 year old lambs so that they do not enter the side garden. When you get a little older, you take the lambs to graze. When you get a little older, you get promoted and go to sheep instead of lamb. I went to university kazanI learned what I did when I was herding sheep in the highland. The letter has arrived. I found out that I was promoted there.”

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