I Want to Light Rail System

If I had a dolmuşçu I would like the Light Rail System: Trabzon City Council Chairman Mustafa Yaylalı said that Kanuni Boulevard should have an opportunity for Trabzon, the Light Rail System and the South Ring Road should be implemented very quickly. He told the minibus shopkeepers that the Light Rail System could tell, but they needed a little more time, said Yaylalı;
Kaşüstü project is not a very important project for Trabzon. However, it is very important for Trabzon to see its own dynamics. This work does not end with the intersection solutions. The more you relax the traffic, the more vehicles you pull. It is the preparation of Trabzon's transportation master plan which needs to be done quickly. This plan is a distressed area for managers. To make a master plan, you must have written the story of the city. We're working on the plan. We have to rewrite the story of the city. We need to plan this and support it with the master plan. When you close the pottery junction, the problem is solved. But it's just unraveling there. 1 will be the problem of other junctions after years. All you need to do is to place the transportation in Trabzon with the master plan.
The new way is to increase the number of vehicles in traffic. We need to promote public transport quickly. It's the light rail system. We have no luxury to be late in any project. If it's today, we have to do it today. We can't tolerate a loss of time. Now it starts 2 project over the years. The project starts 3 ends annually. In 5 year, we cannot think about the traffic of Trabzon.
The Kanuni Boulevard is an opportunity. The 50 annual project needs to be finished immediately. It is necessary to process the southern ring road from Of to Besikduzu. When you process the plans, the existing construction will solve the expropriation problem. There was no difference between the opening of the tangent path of the project and its failure to open. If the Southern Ring is not implemented in a short time, there is a second tangent case. There's no point in opening the way when the project's life is over.
While we are talking about the light rail system, we told our dolly shopkeepers that we should explain this and solve this problem. During the closure of Uzunsokak, we told the dolmuşçularımızın that you will carry the same passenger again. The same applies to the light rail system. Like a public bus with light rail, 200 - 300 is not a stop at the meter. I shout loudly if I want a light rail system. This will carry passengers to the light rail stops again. We are ready to explain it on every platform we requested. The rail system will increase the full occupancy rate. The traffic problem in terms of the psychology of the city leads to irreversible problems. No dolmuşçu house in Trabzon is not peaceful. Psychologically, not material. We have to solve this traffic problem with filled trades. When he goes home, he doesn't take any trouble with his pocket. They're once a day they live a lot of times they live in trouble. Light Rail System From the stations to local points again will carry passengers. We tell this to our dolmuşçu tradesmen. We have work on this. But we need a little more time.



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