German Approval on KARDEMİR Track

German Approval for KARDEMİR Rails: Karabük Iron and Steel Factories (KARDEMİR) reported that the trial, inspection and certification activities carried out with German State Railways Deutsche Bahn (DB) for the use of the rails produced in Germany for approximately 2,5 years have been successful.
In a written statement from KARDEMİR, he stated that they received the TSI (mutual operability standard) certificate, which is the internationally valid rail certification of 9 different rail products produced in their factories as a result of the studies carried out together with the official certified certification institution of the German State Railways, EB CERT (Eısenbahn-Cert).
In the statement, it was stated that the German State Railways decided on the availability of rails from KARDEMİR in terms of quality, the following were noted:
“In addition to the TSI certificate, which is an important indicator of rail production according to international norms and standards, HPQ (usage approval certificate) inspection and certification, which means the production processes control and technical approval, has been carried out by Deutsche Bahn Central Quality department officials in our company. As a result of these successfully completed audit activities, KARDEMİR was also entitled to receive the internationally valid HPQ certificate, which is only owned by a few rail manufacturers in Europe. These documents, our company is the only producer of rails between Turkey and the countries of the region, in both Europe and has carried more prestigious and competitive position in world markets. "

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