Countdown to the Eurasia Tunnel

The countdown for the Eurasia Tunnel has begun: the Eurasian Tunnel, which will connect Asia and Europe with the highway tunnel from the bottom of the seabed, continues its full throttle. The tunnel, 20 will be opened in December. When the tunnel is finished, the 89 will be completed. The deepest point of the tunnel is minus the 5.4 meter. At this point, the cover thickness at the top of the tunnel will be 106.4 meters and the deepest point of the sea will be the depth of the seabed.
Security precautions
Tunnel is designed with regard to disaster scenarios. While the tunnel is constructed according to an earthquake of magnitude 7.5 in the main Marmara fault, the system under the Bosphorus will be able to continue undamaged service even in the biggest earthquake that can be seen annually in 500 in Istanbul. .
In emergencies such as accidents and explosions in the tunnel, there will be a refuge in every 200 meter. Passengers entering the rooms in case of danger, gas and smoke will not be affected by the evacuation stairs to the upper and lower sections. The advanced jet fans in the ventilation system will provide fresh air.
Electricity will be supplied from both Asia and Europe. If there is a power outage on both sides, the powerful generator and uninterruptible power supply systems will ensure that there will be no downtime.
Kazlıçeşme-Göztepe 15 minutes
With the completion of the Eurasian Tunnel, the 100 will reach the 15 minute. In the project, the bottom of the 5.4-kilometer two-storey tunnel, built with a special technology under the sea floor, will be at the 3.34 kilometer. The total distance between Kazlıçeşme and Göztepe is 14.6. For the tunnel, road expansion and works, vehicle underpasses and pedestrian overpass works continue on the total 9.2 kilometer route on the European and Asian sides.
4 dollar + VAT
The Eurasian Tunnel was built as two floors, one of which was one arrival. From the tunnel designed for the passage of light vehicles only, cars and vans can pass, while vehicles with a maximum height of 2.80 m can benefit. Heavy vehicles, motorcycles and pedestrians will not pass.
The maximum speed in the tunnel will be 70 km per hour, while the tolls will be 4 dollars + VAT for cars and 6 dollars for vans and VAT for Turkish VAT. Passages in both directions will be paid in the tunnel, drivers will be able to pay the tunnel toll via HGS and OGS. There will also be no cash box, and no additional payment will be made for passengers in the vehicle.
600 meter has a pocket
For vehicles with malfunction in the tunnel, every 600 meter has a pocket strap. 7 / 24 closed circuit camera and event detection systems in the tunnel to be monitored, can be quickly intervened in an emergency.
first full LED lighting to be used in a tunnel in Turkey. The gradual lighting system in the tunnel will also be implemented. This will enable drivers to easily adapt to tunnel and daylight at tunnel entrances and exits. Drivers will be informed from radio frequencies. The difference between the other tunnels is that the vehicles in the lower and upper sections will be informed from different frequencies.

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