Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan Didn't Say There Is High Speed ​​Train To Samsun But ...

Noting that the main backbone of the high-speed train extends from Kapıkule to Kars, Arslan said, “We have projects in Trabzon, Ankara-Afyon-İzmir, Afyon-Antalya, Konya-Karaman-Mersin, Adana-Gaziantep via Çorum-Samsun line, Erzincan”.
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan was the guest of Hürriyet before the holiday and answered the questions. Arslan stated that the traffic will be greatly relieved with the Eurasia Tunnel to be opened in December. Expressing that recent changes in duties in the telecommunications sector are normal, Arslan stated that they also support the creation of a common infrastructure in the sector for fiber. Arslan said what he had in mind from the old holidays, “We used to go door to door for mixtures of cookies and sugar. "Not everything was consumed so quickly at that time and it was precious to us," he said. With Arslan sohbetThe main headings were as follows:


Var We have a timetable for speed rail that will run at 350 kilometers between Ankara and Istanbul. Sivas-Kars, Antalya-Afyon-Eskisehir, Konya-Karaman, Adana-Mersin is over, Eskisehir-Istanbul line can not remove this load. But not now. When we approach the point of saturation, we are talking about a period of about 10 per year, then we will start working. 1.5 will be able to go to Istanbul every hour. X
Backbone of high-speed train
Arslan incan Corum-Samsun line, which is the main backbone of the high speed train, extends from Kars to Kapikule. We are thinking about 2023. We also have a project to download Erzincan-Trabzon to Elazığ, Diyarbakır and Mardin. The Bursa-Bilecik line is also underway. We would like to connect Ankara-Istanbul to Bursa and Gemlik Port via Osmaneli, and from Bandırma to İzmir. In the medium term, we want to connect Kayseri-Kırşehir to Karaman and from there to Antalya. Orta

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