Train Accident in Spain 4 dead 47 Injured

spain train accident
spain train accident

Train accident in Spain 4 dead 47 injured: 4 people died and 47 injured in the train accident that occurred in Spain.

750 people died and 4 people were injured in the train accident that occurred in the Galician region, 47 km away from the capital of Spain, Madrid.

After being removed from the train, the ambulance and helicopters were taken to Galicia hospital.
Police officials announced that the train derailed due to excessive speed and first hit a beacon on the line.

However, it was emphasized that the exact cause of the accident will be revealed after the investigation is completed.

Meanwhile, the election campaigns of political parties related to the local elections to be held on September 25 under the autonomous administration of Galicia were stopped for 1 day due to the accident.

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